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Architecture, art, necessity, thrill of logs building... This group is about constructing wonderful natural places through logs on stones architecture.

Yet logs building is physically demanding and can be successfully accomplished in team only. The purpose of this group is to enjoy the nature of logs building and fun.

Have you ever noticed those giant, natural structures of logs from old growth, or colorful million years old stones that provide the same; though, slightly different sheds in sense of shelter? Did you ever try to define what "human's habitat" is? Have you asked yourself what could you do to help the environment in the long run? How to survive in the Great Canadian Wilderness, while developing into civilized world?

Anyone interested in logs building should join this group. We will organize meet ups to meet, experience and share nature of logs building, all of it in fun playful manners.

We are passionate buddies who want to undertake different challenges and discover the world.

NOTE: Logs Building Game may include dangerous activities that could potentially cause serious bodily injury, or be fatal, activities such as full scale construction with heavy timbers and large stones, use of power equipment such as chainsaws, drills, and screwdrivers, travels to rough, remote, wet and dump terrains, and one way sailing to the unknown lands. Participants, by joining agree to take all the risks of participating in Logs Building Games onto themselves and shall not hold anybody of the Logs Building Game Group, or group as a whole liable for any loss, or damage to property, personal injury, or death that may derive from participation.

STATEMENT OF CONDUCT: every participant must be and agrees to be of good character, friendly, considerable, careful and responsible to other members of the group the environment and other living creatures. No drugs and alcohol use policy.

We are as one, by providing friendship, care, responsibility and consideration to every other member of the group, one can expect the same in return from every other member.

- Build to last for centuries!

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