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Paul Andrew H.


The inaugural London API Group meetup!

We're starting off fast and strong with talks from some awesome companies in the API world: , Braintree ( and 7digital (


• Arrivals, chat, and eat: 7pm

• Talks: 8pm

• Chat: 9pm onwards


Tony Blank -

Email As A Data Source For Apps Synopsys

" Our email contains years of important personal information: key contacts, versions of documents, discussions around important projects or deals. It's a datasource that too often ignored by developers and for those brave ones who don't, they're in for a bumpy ride dealing with the tedious details of arcane protocols." (

Context.IO is a REST email API that makes it easy and fast
to integrate your users' email data in your application.

Tin Cheung - Braintree

Tin is a seasoned technology geek and problem solver. Most recently leading the UK integration team at PayPal, and now looking to build awesome payment experiences with an extended toy chest from Braintree.

Building Awesome APIs So That You Can Concentrate On Being Sexy

"A bit of an “Anti-Evangelism” pitch, Tin wants to dispel the traditional “integrate Braintree in 5 minutes” myths, and at the same time demonstrate what Braintree are doing to facilitate best-in-class payment experiences on web and mobile – building technologies that truly embrace the meaning of “optimisation”. "

Braintree (

Braintree is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in your app or website.

Chris O'Dell - 7digital

Chris O'Dell is a Lead Developer at 7digital where she heads up the API team. She has nearly ten years experience working on the back-ends of web based services, primarily in .Net, most recently focussing on Web APIs.

Evolving from a monolithic to a distributed public API

"What started as a side project to satisfy a single client soon became the cornerstone of the 7digital Platform, but it wasn't designed with that in mind. It was a single monolithic project and we needed to scale, both in terms of load and how we developed it."

7digital (

We simplify access to the world's music


68-89 Mile End Road, E1 4TT · London
12 spots left