Serverless Architecture: with Yan Cui, Raj Wilkhu and Jai Chohan


Looking at how we can use Serverless architecture to build amazing APIs and backend applications.

Yan Cui - Principal Engineer at DAZN. International speaker, blogger and instructor of Production-Ready Serverless : Architecture style changes

Looking at the changes in architecture style and the driving forces behind that change.

Raj Wilkhu - Technical Lead at The Lean Coders: Developing multi cloud applications: how Serverless makes that possible.

Looking at how you can make a multi cloud application possible with Serverless technologies in Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Jai Chohan - Principal Developer at Just Eat: Practical Serverless principles

Jai will be sharing his experience of introducing Serverless components in Just Eat Practical Serverless principles.

The event is organised by Build Circle.