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6:00 Arrival and Networking
6:30 "Using Security to Drive Chaos Engineering" by Dinis Cruz, CISO for the Photobox Group
7:15 Networking, Drinks and Food
7:30 "A token walks into a SPA" by Sam Bellen of Auth0
8:15 Networking and gathering in near by venue

Talk Details:

Sam Bellen of Auth0

A token walks into a SPA.

Between Angular, React, & Vue it can be hard NOT to hear about SPAs these days. But having to deal with cookies, tokens, auth, & resource access - you may even feel like you need a second page (gasp!) for security! Fear not, for the technology to create truly secure SPAs is here.

Dinis Cruz, CISO for the Photobox Group https://www.linkedin.com/in/diniscruz/

Using Security to Drive Chaos Engineering