London Accessibility Meetup #14


This month's meetup is on Global Accessibility Awareness Day and we have 3 excellent talks lined up. Our first talk starts at 6:30.

## Think inclusion, not Accessibility
Molly, an Accessibility and Usability consultant will spend 30 minutes attempting to change perspectives on the role of designing for Accessibility in the world of digital design and services. As director of her own company: Molly Watt Ltd she has travelled around U.K, Europe U.S.A and Australia delivering keynote presentations and working alongside digital companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft and Apple Corporate (to name a few) looking at the importance of Inclusion. She will first express her passions and why her passions lie in the field of Accessibility and Inclusion, why she devotes her time changing the perspectives. A favourite quote of hers: “No one understands Inclusion like those who have been excluded.”
- Molly Watts, Usability & Accessibility Consultant

## Top down and bottom up: Gaining insights from the people who know best
When is it best to use qualitative and quantitative approaches in inclusive research? How can you best combine “bottom-up” and “top-down” approaches to drive real change? Using a combination of theory and case studies, Tom and Christine discuss how combining disabled customers' insight (story-led approaches) and market knowledge (numbers-led approaches) helps to improve business decisions and outcomes, through creating better experiences for a broader set of customers.
– Tom Pokinko and Christine Hemphill, Open Inclusion

## Accessibility is Usability
Some organisations see accessibility as a tick-box exercise; a 'problem' that can be 'fixed' with code. Sarah Richards will tell us how she sees accessible content, how it can affect usability and she'll share some techniques to try with tricky stakeholders.
- Sarah Richards, Content Design Centre

6:00 Registration opens and networking

6:30 Talk 1: Think inclusion, not Accessibility - Molly Watt

7:10 Talk 2: Top down and bottom up: Gaining insights from the people who know best - Tom Pokinko and Christine Hemphill

7:50 Break

8:20 Talk 3: Accessibility is Usability - Sarah Richards

9:00 Close
Join us for networking in a local pub