London Accessibility Meetup #22

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Accessibility London
Accessibility London
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Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

33 Holborn, London · EC1N 2HT

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The huge glass fronted building overlooking Holborn Circus

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We're kicking off 2019 with 2 more brilliant talks.

Charley Pothecary will talk about the business case for inclusive design.

Mike Gifford will talk about the challenges and opportunities of open source and accessibility.

TALK 1: The business case for inclusive design, Charley Pothecary

Inclusive design is still seen as an add-on; a nice to have, something “we’ll get around to once we’ve finished build”. It’s last on the list for development must-dos, and the first to go when the budget bites. And yet designing for inclusivity means designing for everyone.

It’s hard to persuade clients and business sponsors to prioritise building a new digital service so it can be used with screen readers, or designing a product so that it can be used by someone with a hearing impairment. Whilst the excuse for not doing it centres on budget, there's a chronic lack of understanding about how to design for inclusivity and the business benefits it brings.

This talk will explore the business case for embedding inclusive design into all products and services, outlining the benefits and arguments for designing for all.

Charley Pothecary is a Service Designer at Idean, she has a passion for creating and improving services that can enhance lives. She has experience in building services from scratch, improving existing services and creating a user-focused and inclusive mindset across public, private and third sector organisations.

TALK 2: Open source can be key to web accessibility but only if we do it right, Mike Gifford

Open source solutions have disrupted many industries in the last decade and there is hope that approaches to accessibility may be next. Tools like Firefox, NVDA & Drupal have provided more accessible options for people with disabilities. These open source tools give users some pretty good accessibility options, but what is really critical is the community behind the software. We are all using some open source solutions in our work, how can this help make the job of inclusion easier?

Mike Gifford is the CEO of OpenConcept Consulting Inc., a Canadian web shop he founded in 1999. He is also a Drupal 8 Accessibility Maintainer. His efforts over the last decade helped make 3% of the internet more accessible by default. Mike is co-organizer of Ottawa’s accessibility meetup group A11yYOW and is part of the accessibility camp community. He is also active in CivicTech and Open Government communities, looking at how government can play a bigger role in advancing accessible solutions.

Mike is in London on his way home from his honeymoon in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

6:00 Registration opens and networking, drinks and pizza

7:00 Talk 1: The business case for inclusive design, Charley Pothecary

7:45 Break

8:15 Talk 2: Open source can be key to web accessibility but only if we do it right, Mike Gifford

9:00 Close
Join us for networking in a local pub, The Draft House (1 Plough Place, London, EC4A 1DE)