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Non-Violent Communication Practice: Giraffe ears
Marshall Rosenberg described Non-Violent Communication as "giraffe language", so called because giraffes have the largest heart of any land mammal. (Normal violent communication he called "jackal language".) In this session we will practice "listening with giraffe ears", which is receiving empathetically. We will also practice using giraffe ears with ourselves to help hear and express our own needs. If you'd like to read ahead you can read this blog on the Giraffe and Jackal ears exercise:

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We are interested in creating organizational change using Action Science. We believe the concepts and tools developed by Chris Argyris and his collaborators (Double Loop learning, Ladder of Inference, etc.) are effective if skillfully applied, and we seek to develop our skills to help ourselves and others. We believe these skills can help us address difficult interpersonal, team, and organizational dynamics; can help create a culture of mutual learning; and are required to create Learning Organizations.

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