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GROUP UPDATE 02/10/18:

I'm currently away on a theatre tour of Ghost the Musical followed by an Xmas production of Treasure Island. Therefore I won't be posting regular monthly meet ups (like we usually do) because I am away working. Happy to be a working actor of course, but sad I can't post more events.

However, I will continue to cross-promote other events which I think are fun and useful.

In addition, if you are interested in being a co-organiser of this group and want to put on your own meet ups then please get in touch.


Calling all actors!

This is a fun, creative meet up group designed to give actors a chance to practise, make mistakes, build confidence and hone their skills.

Musicians practise all the time, so do artists, sculptors, writers and sports people...so why shouldn't actors?

London Actors welcomes working, resting and retired actors of all ages and experience, so if you're just starting out or longer in the tooth, this is a supportive community of like-minded people who want to develop their skills, brush up and stay 'match fit'.

Examples of what we will focus on:

• Monologue practise

• Sight reading

• Scene workshops

• Acting exercises & technique

• Improvisation

• Confidence building

• Voice work

• Physical characterisation

I am not an acting coach but rather a facilitator. We aim to offer an outside perspective, support and feedback (if wanted) in an encouraging way. From time to time, I will also invite guest workshop leaders in to focus on specific skills. We run a variety of workshops so look out for the ones that appeal to you.

About me:

I graduated from Bretton Hall drama school in 2005 with a BA in Acting. My acting approach is based on Stanislavskian methods as this is what I have studied the most. However, I'm always trying to develop my training further and have explored 'Actioning', the teachings of Uta Hagen and more recently some Meisner technique. I've also had a lot of experience in voice training and physical theatre.

I've got over 10 years experience as a professional actor and have performed in 30 or more theatrical productions, from comedy to drama to classical plays. I've also worked on feature films, commercials and numerous short films and

As well as being an actor, I've also worked behind the camera briefly as a director and as a producer and have co-produced with Film London and the BFI. I enjoy writing too and one of my goals is to produce and act in my own feature film one day. I'm also a qualified English language teacher and run my own business to facilitate my acting career.

I love working with actors, meeting people and I believe that regular rehearsal is paramount to the professional actor both in sharpening skills and psychologically.

Why this group?

For me, sometimes being an actor can feel like a bit of solitary pursuit and difficult to practise by yourself without an outside eye (or annoying your housemates!). It's almost as if when I finished drama school that was it... that's where the training ended... and I was supposed to 'know how to act'. But the reality is it's so important to keep on learning, because developing as an actor never really ends, and just like the well rehearsed singer, writer, musician or dancer... actors should keep working on their craft too.

I've certainly found that sometimes when I've been to auditions I felt a bit rusty and have left knowing I could've done a bit better... so London actors aims to dust off the cobwebs and meet some nice people at the same time.

"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself. That is the best combination". Dame Judi Dench.

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