Day Long - Nicola Amadora - Living awake in a shaken World


Living awake in a shaken World! Join Nicola Amadora for this daylong retreat with enlivening, inspiring, embodied non-dual teaching. Nicola meets you straight in the heart, uniting human and divine in a simple and astonishing way.

Location: Upstairs Library at the Philadelphia Association, 4 Martys Yard, 17 Hampstead High St, NW3 1QW

Dates: Saturday 15 February - 10:30am- 5:00pm

Price: £50 for individual days (cash only pay at the door). Concessions are available. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Nicola will be giving an evening satsang the night before on 14 February. You can find the link for this here.

Living awake in a shaken World

We may have had glimpses, tastes and insights of the divine, that which
is vaster than the ocean and rooted deep in the core of your heart.
Knowledge, experiences, and practices may have helped you on your

Yet, our nature is actualized as we embody it moment by moment in the
here and now - wherever we are and with whomever we are with. How do we live love amidst the turmoil, intensity and beauty in this
world and in our relationships? This is where the rubber meets the
road. How do we engage and take beneficial action for the sake of all
beings without getting lost, depleted or discouraged? And how can we
support each other to traverse the terrain of trauma, healing and this
profoundly exquisite awakening journey in healthy and friendly ways?

You are warmly invited to this enlivening satsang and daylong retreat to
steep in love’s presence and live THAT, no matter what!

Nicola Amadora PhD. offers heart-centered, embodied non-dual
spiritual teaching and healing internationally. Nicola is a Transpersonal
Psychologist, Hakomi Therapist and Spiritual Teacher, guiding satsangs
and retreats, therapy and professional trainings for 30 years. She is a regular speaker at SAND. With deep love and presence, humor and passion she meets you straight in the heart, uniting human and divine in a simple and astonishing way.

And her Buddha at the Gaspump interview is: