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Welcome Everyone! We are looking for Assistant Organizers who can help?
Welcome Everyone! We are looking for Assistant Organizers who can help? We have a lot of exciting and fun meetings planned! We are working on dates, times, locations, We may do a few webinars or conference calls for now? Watch for them! Many of us travel all of the time, Some have to wait & save up time & money for holiday, Please speak up about some cool places that we can meet & network, Eat & have drinks & maybe some places to meet outside when the weather is good? Looking forward to hearing from you! Mark, Co-Organizer

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We will be having free local events that are fun to meet other members.

• Some events may require a fee, these events are optional.

Come join an extraordinary group of individuals that focus mainly on enjoying their freedom and experiencing more of the greater things in life.

This meet up is for anymore, do you travel regularly? Perhaps you travel only once a year? Or maybe you just wish you could travel more? Maybe you want to tick off stuff on your bucket list?

Members get a chance to interact with other likeminded people, share stories and updates about traveling. Also we love sharing the best deals when traveling, it can be expensive but we're here to make it cheaper for you and your family.

Members can expect to hear amazing deals for affordable travel, see and share photographic images of beautiful locations, as well as sharing stories and experiences. Members can find outstanding places to travel to at a fraction of the prices they would normally pay in the market.

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