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Come join an extraordinary group of individuals that focus mainly on enjoying their freedom and experiencing more of the greater things in life.

This meet up is for anymore, do you travel regularly? Perhaps you travel only once a year? Or maybe you just wish you could travel more? Maybe you want to tick off stuff on your bucket list?

Members get a chance to interact with other likeminded people, share stories and updates about traveling. Also we love sharing the best deals when traveling, it can be expensive but we're here to make it cheaper for you and your family.

Members can expect to hear amazing deals for affordable travel, see and share photographic images of beautiful locations, as well as sharing stories and experiences. Members can find outstanding places to travel to at a fraction of the prices they would normally pay in the market.

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Welcome Everyone! We are looking for Assistant Organizers who can help?
Needs a date and time

Location visible to members

Welcome Everyone! We are looking for Assistant Organizers who can help? We have a lot of exciting and fun meetings planned! We are working on dates, times, locations, We may do a few webinars or conference calls for now? Watch for them! Many of us travel all of the time, Some have to wait & save up time & money for holiday, Please speak up about some cool places that we can meet & network, Eat & have drinks & maybe some places to meet outside when the weather is good? Looking forward to hearing from you! Mark, Co-Organizer

We Need YOUR Help! Who is willing to Help Organize the Group?
Needs a date and time

Location visible to members

Welcome Everyone! (Please Be Patient, we will be getting DATES & Locations SOON! Hopefully with YOUR Help!) Talk to us! a few of us will be doing the bulk of the work regarding this group, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Every little bit counts! We need people with Great Ideas for Meeting Locations! Like a cool club that we can have a happy hour? and a good deal on drinks and appetizers? and be able to socialize & network and get to know each other! We would LOVE to have these every month! All around London, in great locations, so that as many people as possible can attend! We would like to keep our meetings very inexpensive or even FREE? like a free drink ticket for first 20 people or something? (One way to do this is to have sponsors, if you would be interested? we have Three Travel Groups in London, which are growing rapidly, please contact me) Thank you! Mark, Group Co-Organizer, [masked] I am a real estate investor who LOVES to travel!

September Monthly Meeting: Meet, Greet, Network! Introductions all around!

Hello Everyone, I was in London April & May & Enjoyed the Great Weather! Despite my efforts, I was only able to get one of you to respond to me? and we met up and had a nice chat. Not sure what to do when members will not talk to me or come to LIVE Meetings? So I am just off traveling for the summer months! having a great time! Have been in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Detroit, Michigan in the last four weeks with plans to travel all over the US & Canada this summer. I am now working on a Travel Blog / Vlog (Video of my travels) and While I will not bother or trouble you with constant SPAMMING, Once I figure out the technology a little better, I will see if any of you are willing to chat over the NET Via our many options? I expect that I may do some kind of webinar? and let everyone know about plans for this fall? and trips that are coming up! Italy is high on my list! and I may go to Croatia? and Africa? More details coming on this soon! Due to everyone's work schedule / travel time to meet LIVE / We will do a combination of LIVE Meetings with either a conference call or webinar, so that we can begin to talk & get to know each other And what our travel goals are? so that we can plan some trips & holidays with some discount pricing & the Best Deals! we are planning trips all over the world! Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Middle East, and more! Anyone interested in coming to America? maybe New York City? or Orlando? or Talk to us? Our first steps will be to communicate & find out what the most people want? can afford? TIME & Money! and you will be surprised at some of the killer discount travel deals we will be talking about! more coming soon! Mark, Group co-Organizer If anyone would like to chat, You can email me at [masked], I have mentored business owners / and real estate investors how to create passive income so they have free time with their family or to travel! Cheers!

Who Likes The Best Beaches in Europe? Check this out!
Needs a date and time

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More coming! http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/best-beaches-europe?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=56e96a6a04d30177d8c42893&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter

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