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London Agilists is a group for anyone interested in agile or lean ways of working.

Our focus is primarily on software, web and mobile delivery but we're occasionally cover topics beyond this.

The group meets approximately once a month. Sessions will include talks, discussions and hands-on workshops.

London Agilists is supported by Agile in the City: London (http://agileinthecity.net/2018/london/) and Valtech (https://www.valtech.co.uk/).

When you sign-up to become a London Agilists member or participate in any of our events you agree that you will follow our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/London-Agilists/pages/24567996/Code_of_Conduct/).

We also believe in diversity in events. We support the Diversity Charter (http://diversitycharter.org/) and encourage you to do the same.

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Upcoming events (2)

Talk and discussion on safety in agile teams
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I'm lining up a speaker to share their research and experience on the topic of 'safety' in agile teams.

RSVP if interested.

Workshop: Dealing with Disempowerment - with Mark Dalgarno

We know that people who are empowered are more creative, more productive and more satisfied with their work and so produce better results for their organisations. So why is there so much disempowerment in the workplace?

In this workshop we’ll share our experiences of disempowerment, invent even more ways to disempower our teams and colleagues and discuss how we might identify the signs of disempowerment when it’s happening to others.

We’ll then work together to figure out what could be done differently to move from a disempowered organisation to an empowered one.

Participants will take away:

• Insights into what disempowerment looks like

Options for tackling disempowerment

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