What we're about

This is a group for users of Amazon Redshift, as well as for those who are interested in or evaluating this powerful Data Warehousing in the Cloud Service. We'll cover Use Cases, Best Practices, Operations, Data Modelling, Tips & Tricks as well as anything else the community is interested in.

How do I know this applies to me?
If you have a data warehouse or data lake requirement. If you have an existing data warehouse that is struggling to cope with the data avalanche. If your business users are trying to get additional insights and it's taking you many iterations to deliver them.


If you are interested to know about Amazon Redshift which as petabyte scale columnar data warehouse that is fast, scalable (from 160 GB to 2 PB) and secure. You can get going $1000/TB/year. If you want to know about running SQL on your data on S3 using Redshift Spectrum. Spectrum is fast even at Exabyte scale. If you are considering migrating from traditional data warehouse to a cloud native platform like Redshift ...


If you have an existing Redshift cluster and want to know more about Spectrum, Performance Tuning, ETL using Glue and the partner echo system. You can also learn how you can run Advanced Analytics, such as Recommendations or Segmentation, or you are interested in running R or SAS on Redshift. Or you want to learn more about unit testing on Redshift.

.........then this session is for you.

What will I get out of the sessions?
You will be part of London Redshift's Meetup community and be able discuss with colleagues from other verticals on how they are taking advantage of Redshift and it's analytics and it's MPP architecture. Here you can meet up regularly and freely discuss about challenges around data warehouse with like minded peers.

You will also get to meet a lot of competency partners who are here to help with ETL or BI solutions on Redshift. Or consultancies that can help you resolve your challenges or help you build a PoC.

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