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First Apache Airflow London Meetup

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Talk #1: Airflow - from Development to Production
Speaker: Ash Berlin-Taylor, Airflow Committer and PMC member

Ash will give a brief introduction to what Airflow is and why you should use it. We'll then cover what's new in Airflow 1.10 and where we might go; strategies for developing and testing DAGs; deploying DAGs; finally cover deploying and configuring Airflow for production.
Talk #2: How airflow accelerates data pipeline development at Just Eat?
Speaker: Ben Marengo, Data Engineer, Just Eat

Just Eat allows customers in 13 different countries to search for local take-away restaurants and place orders online. 1.5 years ago they embarked upon a reinvention of their whole data infrastructure with Apache Airflow at the core of batch data ingestion, transformation, egress, and ML.

Discover how Airflow speeds up the ingestion of new data sources and provides analysts with a self-service platform to transform and consume data.
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160 Victoria St, Westminster, London · Victoria
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