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Comedy, Art, Culture and Great Walks ? This is what London does Best! Join up and enjoy!

Every week, London is host to dozens of comedy clubs, art exhibitions, cultural events and art gallery openings.


If you are looking for a social that involves Art, Architecture, Cultural Events, Comedy, and Talking, with Friends, then this is the group for you.

We are going to make the most of what is available!!

In addition there will usually be a pub stop or meal stop at some point to help promote the socialising element.

Please meet the famous and iconic 'Laughing Cavalier' above, an appropriate symbol for our group!

This group is FREE to join and many events and venues are free to enter, some others events may have a £4 organisers fee!

THIS GROUP IS SPONSORED BY KEN'S EVENTS (over 20,000 members). Click here to find out more.

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Meetup Event & Stand-Up Comedy Show in Leicester Square W1

Backstage Bar @ The Rialto

Meet with members of Ken's three Meetup Groups and watch a great stand-up comedy show.

Our previous guests say:

"The best Meetup event I've ever been to. Thanks to the organisers, comedians and the people who attended for a highly enjoyable evening." - Mark, Fun & Unusual Things

"The show was fabulous - very well organised! I gave it five stars." - Leanne, Ken’s Events

"The comedy night exceeded expectations. The hall was great, the location was perfect, there was a private bar for after the show and the atmosphere was buzzing." - Emma, 20s and 30s Social

If you enjoy watching stand-up comedy and meeting new people, this is the perfect event for you.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

The doors to The Rialto's Backstage Bar will open on Saturday, 13th November 2021 at 7pm.

As soon as you walk in, your Ken's Meetup Group ticket will be checked by the staff at the front desk and you will be guided to one of the tables which is reserved especially for members of your group.

The show will start at 8pm.

The 60-minute show will consist of three comedians from television.

The show will end at 9pm; the bar will be open until late.

After the show, you are welcome to stay at your table with your group, or walk around and meet new people from different Meetup groups.

Here’s a list of comedians performing:

Rory O'Hanlon: Our host of the evening is a regular on British and Irish television. "Stand-up comedy the way it's supposed to be." - The Irish Times.

Babatunde Aleshe: Baba's featured in television dramas, movies, and theatre performances. Here he is on Dave: https://youtu.be/zPWIbpSJzWA

Sean Meo: According to the Evening Standard, "Sean Meo is very, very funny.” Here's a clip: https://youtu.be/_Qknhb-hAqE

There are only 30 tickets available so take action! This event will almost definitely sell out before the event date.

Tickets for this event are available here:


We hope to see you there.

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