What we're about

This is a group for anyone fascinated in the arts collections here in London and those wanting to get more involved - either learning more about specific artists or practicing some art techniques yourself!

If you're an art lover, artist or just really interested in hearing unusual and intriguing talks about specific paintings and famous or not so well known artists in the local London museums and art galleries then this is the group for you!

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If you're a creative person and really want to explore your imagination in creative activities then consider joining in and taking a few art lessons with new friends! I assure you that you don't need to have previous experience and it's totally fun and laid back! (I'm also a very kind and encouraging teacher....so don't be afraid!)

I'm making an effort to arrange different and interesting events at different times/days to try to accommodate everyone with different schedules. Some are £2 events for just socialising and others are £5, £10 or £12 events where I teach or give a lecture.

At the moment I can only offer afternoon or evening events as mornings are quite painful for me as I'm challenged by Fibromyalgia.

I'm a professional international artist with over twenty years experience practicing and exhibiting in the arts in Europe and the US.

If you're interested in what I do professionally then please feel free to check out my website: http://www.toothpickmoon.com

I also write an art related blog: http://www.toothpickmoon.com/toothpickmoon-zine which is updated Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays.

I also work as an art tutor mostly for young adults working on art exams or portfolio requirements for art school. If you are interested in my private tutoring then please send me an email: toothpickmoon@gmail.com (https://www.toothpickmoon.com/contact.html)

For the best experience with Meet-Up, please download the App for your phone so you can be up to date on any changes or any upcoming events. You can always reach me by text at: +44(0)7548310132

*The fees for paid events in this group will go towards my teaching & time, any materials I offer to participants and the maintenance of this group.

**If you're unemployed please contact me for concessions for any events you're interested in.

- The image of the boat for our group image is an ink drawing of mine of a Viking ship at sea. I thought it was appropriate to a group of people voyaging out to make new friends! Sometimes daunting but often fun!

Upcoming events (5+)

Casual Get Together at the Museum of London + Coffee Social

Museum of London


Let's meet at the Museum of London! Once we're all together we'll wander around and then continue on to the cafe for snacks/drinks and chatting. I really enjoy the Roman section as well as anything relating to any archaeological discoveries made about the city of London. As a professional artist, I find that history really has an impact on my own creative process so I think it would be wonderful to connect with other creatives or history enthusiasts who may have similar experiences! Lets meet between 1:45 to 2pm just outside the main entrance. Look out for me, I'm dark blonde, with rectangular glasses and I'll be carrying a canvas bag with a skeleton on it. If you can't find me, feel free to text:[masked]. Come peckish and ready to share and make friends! **I'm charging a £2 organiser maintenance fee in order to help pay for the fee I have to pay to meetup to keep this group going. For those of you who don't know, Meetup charges organisers a fee to create and maintain a group so the small fee I charge helps me pay this. Payable in cash each time. Thank you for your understanding.

Architectural Drawing Around London - Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral


Are you interested in architectural drawing and do you want to have a better understanding of artists who work from architecture? Then consider joining in each Thursday afternoon to learn how to accurately draw using perspective. Every week we'll be in a different part of London, sometimes outside and sometimes inside. If you're looking to build a portfolio of architectural drawings then do come along! This week we will be drawing outside Southwark Cathedral. If the weather is bad then we'll find a sheltered spot to draw the scene. £6 fee to cover teaching and maintenance of this group. Please reserve your place by booking via PayPal and if your plans change then remember to get in touch with me at least 24 hours before the event so I can give you a refund. No refunds 10 hours before event. Find me standing outside the riverside entrance to Southwark Cathedral......I'll be carrying my grey canvas bag with a skeleton on it (not a skull), I have rectangular glasses, dark blonde hair and I look like my profile picture. If you can't see me please (text only) to: [masked] Let's meet between 1:45 to 2pm. *Please bring an A4 hardbound sketchbook with assorted pencils and erasers. We will try to find places to sit but some may have to stand so please be aware that this is an activity where you may have to stand to draw. Please wear comfortable shoes and remember to bring an umbrella!

John Singer Sargent: A Painter's Perspective Talk at Tate Britain

John Singer Sargent is one of my favourite painters and someone who has influenced my own career as a painter so I would like to offer a talk on his work, his life and his methods/style of painting. My talks are from an entirely artist perspective and deeply rooted in my own working knowledge of oil paint and painting from the life model. If you are interested then please come and join us! This talk is one hour in length with time afterwards for discussion and a social event in the cafe. £10 to attend: Payable in cash on the day. This fee covers my research, time, the talk itself and the maintenance of this group. *Meet me just inside the main entrance from Millbank between 12:45pm to 1pm. I look like my profile pic + rectangular glasses and dark blonde hair and will be carrying a canvas bag with a skeleton on it. If you arrive late, I won't be able to answer your text or calls because I'll be giving the talk so you'll have to ask the information desk where the John Singer Sargent paintings are located to find us. The information desk people are very helpful. Prior to event if you need to text: [masked] Hope to see you there!

Traditional Drawing Lessons at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum


Every two weeks, Friday evenings at the Victoria & Albert Museum! I'm offering to teach anyone who would like to draw at the Victoria & Albert museum. All levels welcome. ---Please bring a sketchbook and selection of pencils, an eraser and portable pencil sharpener. It helps if your sketchbook has a hard back so you can have support for your drawing--- (if you forget materials, you can purchase them in the shop) I'm a professional artist and also experienced art teacher and offer lessons in perspective, composition, proportion and relationships. I use the methods and techniques of Raphael, Giacometti and Maurice de Sausmarez and teach to a very high standard. Please meet me at the Victoria & Albert Museum just inside the Cromwell entrance after the bag check. We'll gather there between 6:45 to 7pm before heading into the galleries. I'll be standing facing the door. I have dark blonde hair, rectangular glasses and will be carrying a canvas bag with a skeleton on it. If you will be running late or can't find me then please text my mobile:[masked] (I won't respond if you call, please text only) Cost is £10 per person. This fee covers maintenance of this group as well as teaching. Payable in cash on the day. *Please note: if you're new to this event it is £10.....but once you pay this all following sessions are just £1. If you prefer to pay via PayPal then please pay to my PayPal account: [masked] and indicate, "Traditional Drawing Lessons" and if you are paying as new (£10) or returning(£1). On Friday evenings the Victoria & Albert Museum is open until 10pm! After our drawing session, feel free to head home or stay a while in the cafe. If you'd like to know about my own artistic abilities then please check out my website: www.toothpickmoon.com

Past events (28)

Beginner Lunchtime Drawing Lessons at the Tate Modern

Tate Modern


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