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London Art Museum Creatives is a group for anyone who enjoys the art world in any capacity. We enjoy making art, learning about artists, materials and new techniques and supporting each other in our own creative journeys.

If you're a beginner in the arts or a professional artist, then you're very welcome.

I do request that you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend events as we have vulnerable members (myself included) who need to be kept healthy and safe.

So you can expect to wear a mask for events that are held inside and prior to attending, you'll need to take a lateral flow COVID test and send me your negative results before you attend.
For outside events, you will also need to take a COVID test prior to attending to protect everyone.

I also encourage everyone to fully read an event's description as I do put a lot of work into trying to cover everything an attendee might need in the description, so make sure you've fully read everything before reaching out to me with further questions.

  • Anyone unwilling to take a COVID test before an event will be removed from this group.
  • Anyone claiming to be exempt from wearing a mask indoors needs to send me a message explaining why this is before being allowed to attend.
  • Anyone not yet vaccinated will not be allowed to attend any event.
  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID will not be allowed to attend events and will need to keep me updated when they have a negative COVID test result.

If you have any questions/concerns about this group, it's events or anything else please feel free to send me a message here on Meetup and I'll do my best to answer as soon as I'm able. (Please be courteous, don't sell me things or flirt.)

Sorry if my rules are strict, but after my fight last year with cancer, I'm very aware of how important it is to keep others safe in my community, hence my rules. I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for joining my group and I hope to see you all at a future event!



Upcoming events (4+)

Visit the Design Museum with the London Cultureseekers!

Needs a location

Come along on Sunday 29th May to visit the Design Museum!

About the museum
The Design Museum covers product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural design. The museum was founded in 1989 by Sir Terence Conran. It was originally located by Tower Bridge, and relocated to Kensington in 2016.

The top-floor space under the spectacular museum roof houses a permanent display, Designer Maker User, with key objects from the museum’s collection. It is the only one in the UK devoted exclusively to contemporary design and architecture.

On the ground floor, the largest gallery in the museum showcases a programme of temporary paying exhibitions. At the moment they have paying exhibitions on:

  • Football: Designing the Beautiful Game

The visit should last about 1h 30mins. The visit is self guiding.

Entry cost is free!

After we will head to the Prince of Wales pub, 8 Kensington Church Street.
Please note, we only wait outside the station for 10 minutes after the advertised meeting time, so please be early or on time.

Look out for the red and blue 'London Cultureseekers' group sign.

Hope to see you there!
Robert[masked] (prefer text)

Wednesday Coffee Evening (online)

Link visible for attendees

On Wednesday 1st June at 6:30pm, we will be having an online Midweek Coffee Evening!

It's a chance to keep in touch and chat with others in the group.

So nearer the time, pour yourself a coffee (or tea) and click on the link below.

To join the Zoom Meeting, click on the link that you will see when you RSVP.

Hope to see you there!
Robert[masked] (prefer text)

Wednesday Coffee Evening (online)

Link visible for attendees

On Wednesday 8th June at 6:30pm, we will be having an online Midweek Coffee Evening!

It's a chance to keep in touch and chat with others in the group.

So nearer the time, pour yourself a coffee (or tea) and click on the link below.

To join the Zoom Meeting, click on the link that you will see when you RSVP.

Hope to see you there!
Robert[masked] (prefer text)

Wednesday Evening Art Book Club (Online)

Link visible for attendees

If you are a creative person like me who loves to read, then please consider joining in for this biweekly Wednesday evening art book club.

Who is this for:

  • Open to all who like to read and enjoy arty topics.
  • Any level of artist/art enthusiast who would like to get a better understanding of what it means to be an artist
  • Anyone who feels reading about art/artists/art practices will enhance their own creative practice.
  • those new to the arts and any professional artists welcome

What does it cost:

  • completely free to join

Do we have a booklist:

  • I'm selecting books that have helped me in the past with the hope that they will help you too.

What is the book this month:

  • To start us off in April, I've selected, "The Artist's Way Workbook" by Julia Cameron which is described as "a companion to the International Bestseller".
  • This is a book you need to commit yourself to if you want to unblock or find meaning in your own creative endeavours.
  • This is a book that begins a 12 week creative/spiritual course that we can begin together and check in with each other for the month and then hopefully you'll feel confident to finish the course on your own in the weeks following.

Where and when does this art book club take place:

  • We meet online via Zoom
  • Our event begins at 7pm every other Wednesday evening
  • We finish at 8:30pm
  • Anyone can join from anywhere in the world
  • Please make sure you have your camera on so we can see you and keep each other safe online

How is this art book club structured:

  • The first few minutes will be about the book chosen
  • Following this, we will go around each person to introduce ourselves and to share if we are familiar with the chosen book and if so how it has helped us in the past or present.
  • Following our introductions, we will select an exercise from our chosen book to practice with each other to see if idea's can be sparked or discussion stimulated
  • We will end by reviewing topics raised in the group and what intentions we will implement in our own creative practices that have been inspired by our evening discussion and the exercises within the book

How will this help individual artists/art enthusiasts:

  • the idea is to practice being in the moment and having a support network to help us each be accountable to what we hope to achieve in our own daily life as a creative individual
  • to be an artist or learn about the arts is to learn to be alone with oneself which is easier if we are able to come together periodically as a group to support each other in this meditative practice
  • to offer a better understanding of what it is to be an artist or what an artist goes through to create in studio and thus giving us a deeper connection when visiting art galleries and museums

Make sure you purchase the chosen book before you join this event. You'll need the book in order to participate.

I look forward to having you join us!

P.S. For anyone wondering, I moved this event from April to begin in June....firstly in an effort to try to generate more serious interest in this event and because I have to attend family events in May which would have been difficult to manage as well as my Meetup events.


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