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Being on the ascension path can be a very difficult journey. Often, your family and close friends won't understand what you are going through, and life can be harder and more challenging in many respects.

What you feel, heal, and transcend, you are doing for everyone. Breaking down old systems and beliefs that cause harm, attack and separation - and of which, are no longer sustainable for the human race or the planet.

Yet it is often a scary, lonely and isolating path. Things can happen which we don't understand; emotions and turmoil can feel constant and overbearing; and many things that we try to do in life can consistently fail... all because we are on a accelerated path, growing from our experiences so that we can share what we have learnt.

Or you might be in a position where after many years, you have come out of the other side. Life still has its challenges and you still feel a vast array of emotions, far from being perfect- but something has shifted. You are feeling more at peace, present, balanced, loving and open hearted. Join us in this place too.

Everyone is welcomed however, and wherever you are in your life right now.

We'll meet monthly (every second Friday of the month) in a location just 5 minutes from Hampstead Underground Station. The area is home to one of the most beautiful parks and wild swimming lakes in London and sits on the high street with many cafes and eating places to choose from if you need a bite to eat before or after the event. There is also a Tesco very close by.

We will have time for self-connection, discussions, Q&As, meditations, transmissions, healing, self-inquiry and so much more.

We will cover a range of topics, including but not limited to, kundalini awakening, the dark night of the soul, energy transmissions and upgrades, working with our spirit guides, the twin flame evolutionary process, a new template for relationships, working with the mind, time and perception, presence, developing psychic and intuitive abilities, empaths, empaths and co-dependency, addictions, weight, money, purpose, triggers and integrating our shadow self, unconditional love, forgiveness, the akashic records, healing, sickness, daily practices, mindfulness, non-duality and so much more!

The price is £10 on the door and £7 if booked for in advance of the meetup. Please book early to avoid disapointment as spaces are limited.

See you soon! Much love, Pema Saraswati xxx

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