What we're about

This group is directed towards people that are interested in learning Python which i believe is a very valuable and useful subject to learn. I created this group because I have a very strong urge to learn Programming from a basic level and would love to meet people who share this desire.

In each session we will cover a list of topics aimed at either creating a programme or understanding a concept in python

I will detail the chronology of each session s much as i can including the exacts teaching method that the tutor will be using and exercises and examples that he will be giving and demonstrating so the goals of each session is as clear as possible to anyone interested in learning.

My aim in these sessions is to ensure that everyone attending a session leaves feeling like they have learnt and understood significantly more on the topic being covered that day regardless of their prior knowledge .

The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 4 attendees .

Here are some of the topics that will occur most regularly in the sessions,

1. Output

2. Strings and numbers

3. Variables,

4. Input

5. If statements

6. While and for loops

7. Lists and tuples

(More Advanced topics)

8. Exceptions

9. Dictionaries

10. Functions

11. Classes

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