What we're about

Britain's exit from the European Union is coming - probably! It is throwing up all sorts of questions; confusion and misinformation abounds. How do we, the British public, help make sure the politicians 'lead' us towards the best outcome and don't instead sell us down some dead-end river(s) for short-term political gain? We can only have an effective voice when we have clear knowledge and informed argument. This group's aim is to focus collective thought and knowledge into coherent argument leading to what would look like being the best outcome. How we then use that voice will depend on who joins the group - but that is for another day to decide.

The Organiser has no political affiliation and the purpose of the group is not to raise money to support any political argument but rather to cut through the fog that currently seems to exist about what it means for all of us and how to make the best of it - whether for London, England, Scotland and the rest of the UK or indeed Europe and the wider world.

This meetup is for people who have positive contributions to make. It is not for debate about of whether to stay in or out, or have a second referendum or not. Those questions simply cloud the key question of what would make Brexit a success and what would that success look like - then we can ask, is it worth it?