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I love everything ballet and I love meeting people who love ballet as much as me. Whilst I was never a professional dancer I still like the idea of working out using ballet moves. Luckily I have friends who are dancers and can get them to hold classes from time to time for fitness in Zurich and in London. This meet up group is designed to create a community of like minded people who would like to enjoy the benefits and have some fun socialising at the same time. I will be arranging meet ups in London for when I'm there, as my time is split between the two, so I can still stay fit and would love it if other women could join in too. Hopefully if there is a enough support we can run two or three meetups a month.

To join you don’t have to be thin, leggy, flexible, or coordinated to do ballet. Whether you’re 20 or 70, ballet is just good fitness. The simple truth, however, is that ballet is an AMAZING workout that will put you in the best shape of your life. Ballet develops strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and grace — even if you don’t start out with any!

That unmistakably elegant ballet physique — shapely legs, trim waist, toned back and arms — comes from a unique formula of barre, stretching, freestanding exercises, techniques from Pilates, stretching as well as powerful mind & body connection – NLP. A ballet workout is just as intense as a HIIT or boot-camp workout. Ballet’s emphasis on “placement” (form) means the technique actually gets more intense over time.

If like me, you want long, lean, strong, and flexible muscles, not to mention beautiful balance, control, and posture, then ballet is the workout for you. And as if a graceful body were not enough incentive, doing ballet will protect your body from injury and make you very fit!

As exercising in ballet is become more and more popular I decided to create a group specifically dedicated to all ladies that love ballet, like to keep fit, enjoy dancing and are conscious about their appearance. No previous ballet experience is necessary.

I would like to give a possibility to all ladies to practically experience the benefits of ballet exercises, find out more why so many celebrities are practicing ballet workout, learn about the benefits of a great posture, giving you self confidence, a feeling of a fit body and wellbeing.

In a very social atmosphere you will have a great opportunity to dip in to the fascinating world of ballet, where we will be inviting the true professionals to share with us their valuable experience.

There may be a minimal charge depending on the venue to cover the costs and teachers time.

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