Blender co-learning : session2

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Hi everyone!

We meet every two weeks and learn Blender 2.8 together.
Blender is an amazing free (!) and extremely powerful open source
3D creation Suite.
Together we will learn everything from modeling to rigging and animating from scratch. We will also socialise and ideally form project groups .

--The event is for free :)! --------------------------------------------

Thursday 26.09
149 Fonthill Rd

This is more or less
18:45 Arrival setting up
19:00 Start
-introduction: Who are you? what is your level?What is your goal?
-Course Part: Blender Basics.(following a tutorial)
(People who are advanced can work on their projects)
-You are encouraged to ask questions, work on projects and continue learning, exchange knowledge and socialise.
21:00 End of the Evening

--------What to bring?-----------------------------------------------------------------------
-Your Laptop (requirements here: )
-Blender 2.8 installed on your laptop ( if there are problems I can help at the meet up)

suggested things to bring :
-External Mouse and keyboard
-A project you are interested to work on(optional).
-Feel free to bring snacks or drinks ;)

twitter @pocin3d
email [masked].


"I am not a Person of colour can I come?"
Yes , everyone who is interested in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the creative indusry is very welcome to come :D.

-----ABOUT SPACE4------------------------------------------------------------------

Space4 is more than just a serviced office.
We are a community of people dedicated to making the world a fairer place, and to create a supportive working environment.
The space is supported by CoTech, a UK-wide network of worker co-operatives in the digital tech sector. We have some of these co-ops working here,
including AR designers Animorph, web developers Go Free Range, and open data specialists Open Data Services.
We also have small charities, freelancers and small businesses, most of whom are using technology (to greater or lesser degrees!) to support their social aims.


-Unfortunately this first Location is not (YET) wheelchair accessible :(.
But I am currently looking for a location to make the meetup accessible for everyone.
I will keep you updated here and on twitter @pocin3d
If you have any suggestions or want learning materials or to make or join a remote project group please contact me here: [masked]

- Gender neutral toilets are available.

--Code of conduct--------------------------------------------------------------------

We want to create a warm and Welcoming atmosphere!
This is why we follow and enforce the Afrotech fest code of conduct ( you can read it here: ).
So if you feel in anyway uncomfortable you can come to me or get in contact via email at pocin3d@gmail and we will take care of the rest.
We want you to feel safe .

----Have fun :)--------------------------------------------------------------------------

I hope that this meet-up will be a fun and inspiring place for everyone to make their ideas come to life :)

I look forward to see you !