• == Blockchain Unchained: 2019 Bitcoin Tailwinds with TOM LEE ==

    ==IMPORTANT: DUE TO A SUDDEN CHANGE IN FLIGHT DATES, WE WILL BE POSTPONING THIS EVENT from 04/23 to 04/24 (SAME TIME and SAME LOCATION) == Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies in London, !!! SEATS are LIMITED TO 130 so RSVP ASAP!!! Apologies for the last minute heads up but that happens when we all get the chance to meet and learn from one of the biggest Bitcoin figures in the space. When it comes to Bitcoin and Crypto as a new financial asset class, very few are as well researched and knowledgeable as this gentleman flying over from beautiful NYC. 18:30: Doors open and ice-breaker 19:00: Keynote with Tom Lee and proprietary research 19:30: Quiz Game 19:40: Fireside chat and Q&A with Tom Lee & Naeem Aslam 20:10: Farewells Let's welcome Tom Lee back to London so that hopefully he comes back over and over again to educate us and make our communities stronger and stronger together! Team SwissBorg


    WeWork Aviation House

    Dear awesome crypto community and blockchain family in London! After our last event in Tokyo with Da Hongfei from NEO and some of the most renowned influencers from Japan and China, we are back to serve the community in London. A very exciting line-up of real experts, well-researched and fact-based, talks while sharing inspiring stores to bring us on a journey throughout this short, yet dynamic evening. We will have 2 keynotes with interactive Q&As (a throwable mic for the audience). Along with all the other Blockchain Unchained events come enjoy our Interactive games and fun quizzes with prizes to win! Here is the time table: 1) 18:15: Opening - icebreaker - welcome drinks 2) 18:30 - 19:00: Power Women in Blockchain/ tech with a breathtaking line-up covering all generations from Baby-boomers to Gen Z. This panel is here to really inspire us by giving all angles and addressing all demographics by putting women at the forefront and promoting diversity in the lead up to mass adoption. Bring along your female employees, friends, sisters, aunts and even grandmas so we can bring more diversity into this space! Have a look at the lineup in the images below 3) 19:10 - 19:25: Keynote with LAToken, a simple, fast and secure way to exchange crypto and tokenize assets. LATOKEN transforms access to capital, and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the global economy by making real assets tradable in crypto. This talk will explain on how to structure Security Token Offering in only two months..https://latoken.com/ 4) 19:30 - 19:45: Keynote with SwissBorg, a next generation, mobile-based crypto investment platform. This talk will promote the release of the first crypto community app. A Bitcoin forecasting game, where community members, can "play for fun and earn for real". Learn about Bitcoin, Forecast the price in the next 24 hours, Earn Ethereum tokens all while enjoying a unique experience. https://www.swissborg.com/ 5) 19:45 - 19:55: Crypto game and interactive quiz for prizes! 6) 20:00 - 20:30: Expert panel: "Crypto assets and the next financial crisis". When will the next financial crisis hit us? Or the beginning of the next global recession? What are the pros and cons and possible implications on crypto as a new asset class? Is BTC a safe haven? Will the failure of central and federal banks be the turning point for decentralization? So many questions we need to answer ahead of possibly one of the most important events at the beginning of the 21st century. We have a handful of very credible panelists to be announced next week. 3) 20:30 - 21:00: Community building, networking, and hugging : ) *MANY GUEST SPEAKERS, PANELISTS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON* This event is powered by SwissBorg and LAToken. For further information related to the event contact: [masked]; [masked]; [masked]"

  • Blockchain Unchained London Meetup

    Brand Exchange

    Dear Cryptoenthusiasts and Blockchain buddies! We're back! This time with a new theme and a promising line-up aiming to deliver THEE benchmark for blockchain events. The entire theme is based around “EDUTAINMENT”. You will be EDUCATED by some of the top blockchain experts but we also focus on ENTERTAINMENT as well as by having fun quizzes and prizes to win such as goods, drinks etc... SCHEDULE: 18:30: Doors Opening - Greetings and Pre-Event networking 19:00-19:10: Welcome + Icebreaker 19:10-19:30: Cyrus Fazel (SwissBorg): "ICO 2.0 - what is the perfect recipe?" 19:30-19:50: Alex Buelau (Coinschedule): “Why ICOs are here to stay?” 19:50-20:10: Paul Collins (Sticksports) & Alasdair Macdonald (Broadhaven): “The impact of Blockchain on the $134Billion games market ” Strapline: Why blockchain is ideally suited to the games industry. We’ll be exploring the possible applications and demo-ing a prototype, and cover the challenges to mass adoption. 20:10-20:40: Conclusion Panel, Q&A 20:40-21:00: Wrap-up, Quiz & Thank-you 21:00-END: Networking & Apéro Find out more about us: https://swissborg.com/en/


    Uptown Geneva

    Tickets available: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-unchained-2018-tickets-44914926755 Dear Crypto and Blockchain enthusiasts! We're back! Geneva conference has a two-fold purpose: to raise awareness of the utility of blockchain technology in the traditional world of banking & finance and to help enable young start-ups to get on their feet networking and pitching their ICOs. Start-ups, new to blockchain technology, will have an opportunity to learn how to grow, nurture, and pitch their ICO ideas. Are you passionate or just curious about blockchain? Come and enjoy a couple of days of talks in Geneva by experts from the blockchain and traditional banking spheres and engage in networking and community building. SCHEDULE and SPEAKERS to be discovered on the website, stay updated!!! www.blockchain-unchained.net Stay TUNED Crypto Enthusiasts! TEAM BLOCKCHAIN UNCHAINED Tickets available: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-unchained-2018-tickets-44914926755

  • Blockchain Party

    THE Connaught House Hotel

    Hi Cryptoblockchainers, We are blessed to announce our next meetup with an apero as a party for the FinTech Connect Live Conference in ExCel Centre. As always, this meetup is free to attend and it is intended to discuss bitcoins, as well as any other digital/cryptocurrencies. We share knowledge and insights into mining, trading and investing! We also give the opportunity to present your crypto business to others and learn about exciting new ventures. Complimentary bar for first 30 comers :) Cheers, SwissBorg Team

  • Pre-Blockchain Summit: networking and drinks

    Hilton Olympia Hotel

    Hi Cryptoblockchainner, You know, when Satoshi Nakamoto first envisioned bitcoin, it’s unlikely that he would have predicted the blockchain’s unit of account to be traded on global markets by thousands of speculators and eventually rival gold to become a new haven asset. The same could be said for the subsequent cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens inspired by bitcoin’s technology. Today there are 950+ altcoins and close to 200 exchanges worldwide. Yay that's pretty cool, but how to choose an altcoin to invest? Is ICO invest is eventually become an Asset? or is it a coin? or both? Does keeping BTC/Altcoins in my wallet is eventually an asset? This time will discuss all these questions and have free drinks! Cheers! SwissBorg Team

  • Our 1st meetup is about gathering our think tank community

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    Hi Crypto Blockchainers, We are excited to announce the schedule: 18:00 -18:30 - Networking 18:30 - 19:30 - Blockchain class 19:30 - 20:30 - Free bar and hot discussions To make it as interactive as possible, please let us know which Theme would you be interested in for our 1st meetup: Blockchain and Crypto intro? What is Bitcoin? How to be part of Blockchain? How to invest in Blockchain? Cryptocurrencies: how to trade? What is Ethereum? What's an ICO? Pre ICO deals? Meeting experts? Please suggest and themes that you would like to participate or discover.