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Welcome! During lockdown, we are holding weekly online training events exploring datasets from public health, finance, politics, football, using Power BI, R, Python & SQL. Weekly Monday 1pm and Tuesday 7pm BST. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/LondonBusinessAnalyticsGroup (https://bit.ly/34RjDBn%C2%A0) Twitter: @LonBizAnalytics.

*Joining the group* We've had to switch on approval of new members since we have had several spammers join and immediately post inappropriate messages. My apologies for that.

London Business Analytics Group (LBAG) is a popular community data and analytics interest group. We started in July 2014 and have had so far over 100 talks and events. We are open to all and all our events are free. Our in-person events are held in central London. We started online during the lockdown and our audience is now from around the world.

Upcoming events (2)

Power BI: The Cash Flow Statement

Online event

In this third instalment of financial reporting we will build the Cash Flow statement. This will be done using the Indirect Method (which is permissible under both IFRS and US GAPP) and as such an understanding of the previous sessions would be helpful - these are available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXiJFEcztTpMmEDT0I8cPg

The Cash Flows indirect method starts with Profit Before Income and Tax from the Income Statement and then adjusts for all the non-cash items from the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

The datasets and Power BI files shown in this session are in the "Cash Flow Statement" folder at https://bit.ly/33zWQtp

Data Analysis Using Power BI for Beginners - Pragati Jain

Online event

This session will include everything a beginner needs to start with Power BI. We will start the session by opening a fresh Power BI file and making ourselves aware of the basic elements:

• Report page, canvas, gridline & page settings - to familiarise ourselves with the tool interface
• Available Data source connections – files, folders, azure, database, etc.
• Different types of filters – visual level, page level & report level
• In-built data hierarchy in the data
• Show and tell about Report, Data and Model View in Power BI
• A walkthrough by loading a sample data csv/excel file in Power BI and start looking at few data transformations/cleaning in Query editor
• Basic data cleaning and transformations using query editor – modifying datatypes, handling missing values, creating new custom column, adding an index column

Once the data is loaded, we will start by generating few basic charts:
• Basic visuals for reporting – line charts, bar charts, columns charts, pie-charts, card visual, tree-maps
• Edit Interactions functionality to control the interactions among different visuals on the report

Pragati has been recently awarded with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (MVP) under Data Platform category.

Currently, she is working as a Senior Data Analyst in UK and works towards generating and delivering data insights to various customers. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics from
Royal Holloway University of London.

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Power BI: The Balance Sheet - Chris Barber

Online event

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