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Go and jump in a lake - Andrew Fryer

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Azure Data Lake is Microsoft's approach to big data analytics at petabyte scale. Data Lake has been in use for some time inside Microsoft as the engine behind Bing and MSN, but has only recently been put into preview for public use. The best way to understand what it does is to see how it works in action and so that is what we’ll do rather than use slides. So if you’re interested in doing big data rather than spending time spinning up clusters, and managing them you might find this interesting.

Andrew is a technical evangelist at Microsoft specialising in machine learning and big data.

This event is part of Big Data Week. The BDW organisers are also giving LBAG members 30% discount on tickets to the "Big Data In Use" conference on October 27th with discount code LBAG_BDW. They also have some good group offers: get 2 tickets for £190 each, or 3 tickets for £150 each The details and registration are at

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