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CHANT OUT is vibrational medicine for the soul! This group introduces us to the power, wisdom and resonance of our voice using powerful chants and mantras that can enable us to relax our minds and connect us more deeply with our hearts. As we open more fully to our own vibration and bask in the group dynamic we can bring about positive change in our lives; feel more empowered; at peace; creative;realise our potential; release blocked emotions and patterns, and live a more joyful existence.

This a group for those wishing to explore chants from different traditions (Sanskrit, Jewish, Sufi, Native American, Hawaiian, African, Buddhist and English) to unlock our true voice. Gavin will guide you through chants and mantras, some call and response (Kirtan) and some all together. Chanting sacred sounds and mantras has the potential to connect us to something much bigger than ourselves and can enable us to express who we truly are.

GAVIN FRANK is a singer, voice facilitator, Kirtan leader, musician, recording artist and composer. He has been involved in music since he was 10 years old and went on to sing in the church choir as a boy. After completing a Classical Music Degree in 1990, (where he studied Free Composition), Gavin travelled around the world exploring festivals, different communities, arts projects, busking and street performance. After a period of integration of these experiences he began training with Chloe Goodchild in 1999, completing The Naked Voice Training, Facilitator training and eventually becoming a NV Introductory teacher. He has been empowering people from all walks of life to find, embody and express the fullness of their own voice for the last 15 years. Gavin also leads Kirtan in London at The Light Yoga Space, sometimes TriYoga as well as facilitating chanting evenings, day/weekend voice workshops, individual voice sessions and various themed workshops including the elements, the modes and also working with 5 rhythms teachers.
Other projects include singing in care homes with the elderly, playing for 5 rhythms dance retreats in France, Morocco and Switzerland. Writing songs for a children's book and offering voice work to adults in order to support the children. Harmonium skillsharing/Musicianship workshops for Facilitators. Voicework with drama students to support their vocal confidence and delivery. He is committed to expanding his work universally and hopes to travel more extensively through his music and voice facilitation.Gavin recently moved to London and is developing his work more extensively in the south east. He has also offered Music Therapy in One 40 Worthing working with those recovering from addiction.
He also performs and records in the duo Madrum and they have produced 2 CD's Marrakech and Soma and they recently wrote a piece for a short film. They are currently recording a number of songs for download. Gavin is in the process of learning recording and some projects in the pipeline are a chant CD as well as more original songs and improvisations.
He also plays several instruments including Indian harmonium, piano, guitar, drum and oboe.
Although Gavin is based in the UK, he is very open to working in different areas of UK/Europe/The World so if you would like to organise a workshop for him do get in touch.

www.gavinfrank.net (http://www.listentothevoice.co.uk/) - www.madrum.com (http://www.madrum.com/)

Gavin has 17 years experience working with voice and creates a supportive, empowering space to explore your sound. This group is open to singers and non-singers alike.

"The chanting was grounding but at the same time made my heart sing- I give thanks often to the path that led me to your door. I would have never been able to sing or dance my heart without your gentle tuition."
Kay Scott - Therapist

"I have been working on and off with Gavin for nearly 10 years and have attended several weekly groups, joined him for chanting at the solstice and equinox and more recently I have been having some one to one sessions with him. I find the use of the voice, in the way that Gavin teaches, to be very transformative and empowering as well as enjoyable. Through chanting, singing the Indian scale with accompanying mudras and through naked voice, I have been exploring my voice; seeing what it can and cannot do, finding out where there are blocks and seeing what it reveals about myself. Throughout the process Gavin is an important supportive witness; being very present, listening sensitively and following with the harmonium and drums, creating a safe environment for me to go on my voice journey and to connect with my heart. It is profound, deep work, which is often emotional, cathartic and also very joyous. Just do it!"
Ruth Melbourne

Upcoming events (5+)

VOICE AWAKE!-Weekend Voice Workshop in Oxford

4 Brookside, Headington


VOICE AWAKE!: A TRANSFORMATIONAL WEEKEND VOICE WORKSHOP IN OXFORD LEARN ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR LIFE FIND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION CULTIVATE A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF GIVE VOICE TO YOUR DREAMS Your voice soars with the zing and precision of an arrow, it drops with the gravity of rain, Your voice scatters the highest swords and returns with its cargo of violets. Pablo Neruda VOICE AWAKE is a unique opportunity to dive wholeheartedly into your voice! This weekend will be a profound journey utilising ancient vocal maps interwoven with body movement, chant, mantra, breath, silence, song and improvisation as a springboard into the deepest sound of your being. This is available to anyone whether they class themselves as a singer or not. No vocal experience needed. Booking essential as only 15 places available. PRICE: £110. EARLY BIRD £90 BY JAN 1ST OR £100 BY FEB 1ST 2019. Dates: Saturday/Sunday March 2ND & 3RD 2017, 10.30am-4.30pm. Venue: 4 Brookside, Headington, Oxford OX3 7PJ. Please book at http://www.gavinfrank.net/events "Gavin practices with a gentleness and warmth that I can only describe as soft love. I felt able to explore my voice in a safe and supportive environment and came away with an expansive sense of myself and the world around me. I felt a new sense of freedom and particularly enjoyed feeling my breath, body and voice working in unison. I recommend Gavin's work for anyone looking to find, explore and experiment with their voice. Thank you Gavin for being part of my journey." Rachel Schroder- Heart Sung workshop, Nov 2016

VOICE AUTHENTIC- Half day voice workshop-1 PLACE AVAILABLE!

23 Highgate West Hill


VOICE AUTHENTIC TRANSFORMATIONAL VOICE WORKSHOPS IN LONDON These workshops introduce us to a way of listening that bypasses self-consciousness and fear, providing a supportive transformative space for each person to explore and embody the fullness of their own authentic voice using an array of tools such as chant, mantra, the Indian scale, movement and improvisation The activities will be a combination of group, partner and individual exploration. Numbers limited to 4 people. SATURDAYS: 11am-2pm, £35 each. Venue: Highgate, address supplied on booking. Nearest tube: Highgate/Kentish Town. Booking essential. No vocal experience needed http://www.gavinfrank.net/#!events/cfbk

CHANT OUT HIGHGATE monthly evening group

Pond Square Chapel, Highgate United Reform Church


"CHANT OUT HIGHGATE"- A special opportunity to explore chants from different traditions-Sanskrit, Jewish, Sufi, Native American and English to unlock the power of the voice. Gavin will guide us through chants and mantras some call and response (Kirtan) and some all together. He has 19 years experience of working with sound supporting individuals to find their true voice.His connection to sound and music generates a passion and devotion for freedom of expression and joy! Cost: £15 or £13 if pre-booked Nearest tube: Highgate http://www.gavinfrank.net/events https://youtu.be/er9qiL9iWHA


The Yoga Garden


NOURISH MIND BODY AND SPIRIT DEEPEN YOUR CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF FIND YOUR TRUE VOICE Come and experience the power of your voice using powerful transformative world mantras and chants accompanied by harmonium, drum and harp! Chanting opens the heart, purifies the mind and connects us with our true nature. Siobhan and Gavin will then offer a sound bath using voice, harp, crystal bowls, Indian harmonium and an array of instruments to soothe the soul. Wear light comfortable clothing and bring a blanket. No vocal experience needed. Siobhan Swider is a freelance harpist and sound healer. Gavin Frank is a voice coach and professional musician. PRICE: £25. BOOK AT https://www.the-yoga-garden.co.uk/workshops

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CHANT OUT HIGHGATE monthly evening group

Pond Square Chapel, Highgate United Reform Church


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