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Are meal times a source of stress in your home?
Are you worried about your child's eating or weight?

We run workshops within the community- that offer parents and educators the opportunity to talk through your nutrition challenges and receive professional expert advice, delivered with kindness and compassion. The workshops are faciliated by paediatric dietitian and child feeding specialist Rachael Wilson.

Raising young children to eat well and enjoy food is often easier said than done. Information on what kids should be eating is plentiful, but that doesn't always translate into what our little ones want to eat - let alone a good vibe at the dinner table!

Developing a positive relationship with food and our bodies is key to achieving overall wellness. Children who are confident in their bodies, who eat a variety of food, and enjoy being at the table, have skills that help them experience both health and happiness.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of families bring peace and joy back to their table. Our workshop helps you to think beyond nutrition, to creating meal time routines that nourish hearts, minds and bellies!

Join us to learn about:

* Top tips for feeding happy thriving young children
* How to avoid common meal time frustrations- fussy eating, food refusal, throwing, all day grazing!
* How to foster a good body image from a young age
* Nurturing your child's body confidence and autonomy
* Fact-check common misconceptions about family nutrition.
* An opportunity to problem-solving your family nutrition
challenges with feeding specialist and paediatric dietitian
Rachael Wilson
* How to manage those so-called "forbidden foods".

If you'd like practical tips & evidenced-based solutions for reducing meal time stress we hope you'll consider joining our workshop. We would love to see you there!

Tickets are strictly limited and available via
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