What we're about

This meetup is for people who want to meet to discuss and learn about climate engineering. We will be hosting monthly events with expert speakers who are both for and against climate engineering and have different views on its effectiveness, safety or necessity. The talks will be about the political, moral, technical and psychological challenges involved in climate engineering. We will also be occasionally having talks on the alternatives to climate engineering like emission reduction and talks on why we need such urgent action on reversing or slowing down climate change.

It is the opinion of the organiser that our civilisation is unlikely to survive the next few decades intact without some form of climate engineering, and so it is imperative we begin urgent and serious investigation into this area, despite all the challenges involved.

Every event will be filmed to share globally and will end with questions and discussion with the audience.

Climate change is the challenge of our time and this meetup group is for people to come together in London to work on some of the possible methods of dealing with it, together with other groups around the world.

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