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CoTech is an alliance of worker co-operatives operating in the digital field. We comprise data analysts, web designers, developers, marketing consultants and much more. As co-operatives, our workers collectively own their companies and control their destinies to make better workplaces, better suppliers and better digital products. As digital experts, we aim to ensure that technology plays its part in creating a fairer world.

The CoTech Meetup is an opportunity for the public to engage in our projects. We will be discussing key elements of our work, in terms of the technology and the co-operative structures we use.

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Building Trust in Data using practical tools at the Co-op

The Co-op has a vision to be ‘Trusted with Data’ and to use that data to fuel the Co-op and have been using the ODI Data Ethics Canvas as a tool to help progress against that vision. They have been applying this with Digital teams that are designing digital products and services to enable them to make sensible decisions with data within their projects. Danny McCarthy and Claire Hadfield will be sharing their experience at this lunchtime session, of implementing this work. The session will also be streamed. About the speakers: Danny McCarthy is a Data Governance Manager, and has over 15 years working with Data – analysis, BI & reporting, cleanse, migration, projects, warehousing, quality and governance at in the public and private sectors for organisations like GE, Royal London, Manchester City Council. Claire Hadfield has more than 6 years’ experience working with data, working in the NHS as part of a data governance team for a large Mental Health Trust before moving on to the Co-op, and is now working with the Data Management team to embed and roll out Data Ethics into the design of new Digital products and services at the Co-op.

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