Harnessing Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to empower co-operatives

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During this event we will be discussing the potential of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to benefit the co-operative movement and social causes, and help us move away from an exploitative economic system. We will have presentations from:

Jaya Klara Brekke speaks, writes and does research on authority and power in decentralised systems. She will discuss how different technical systems, specifically different blockchain consensus protocols, affect what we understand as "good". See more about Jaya on her website here: http://www.jayapapaya.net/

Peter Thompson will be leading a game of Blockchain Bingo: Do you know what it means to be a miner on the bitcoin network? I mean really, really know not just bluff by rambling about "proof-of-work" and "byzantine generals"? If you really want to learn, then the best way is to play Blockchain Bingo! You will use your smartphone and the Blockchain Bingo website to race against your fellow humans in a real-world simulation that will both inform and entertain. Find out more at http://kpcoin.xyz Griffin Hotchkiss will be presenting the work he does at Colony. Colony is a protocol and platform on the Ethereum blockchain that will enable the formation of decentralised, meritocratic organisations. Smart contracts allow things like ownership, equity, reputation, and dispute resolution to be performed without 3rd party intermediaries or management hierarchies. Using Colony, an organisation can manage and direct shared resources, and allocate ownership/influence in said resources according to merit and contribution.

Oliver Sylvester-Bradley (@defactodesign) will be talking about the possibility of a co-op coin and inviting discussions about how a currency designed to grow the commons and the co-operative economy should work. See https://open.coop/2018/01/25/co-op-coin-ico-look-like/ for more info

Bill Olivier will discuss ways in which to harness cryptocurrency to grow the co-operative economy. Bill worked on software design and implementation for 20 years, then moved into academia as a professor of learning technology. Bill is now now a partner in Cetis LLP, a co-op mainly serving UK HE and associated bodies and publishers. Originally representing UK HE on eLearning interoperability standards with OSS reference implementations, Cetis' focus now is on data for both learning and research, learning analytics and business intelligence more broadly. Bill's talk will build on his paper which you can read here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xIo5CHNXO5DruuFP7Ek47O2ETJbQIt8a7ImYs00E740

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