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What we’re about

We aim to generate conversations around the use of technology that serves humanity beyond productivity, towards a deeper connection to self and other, well-being and even awakening.

We are Makers, Meditators, Technologists, Health/Wellness Practitioners, Secret Sages, Entrepreneurs, Hackers, Psychonauts, Founders, Researchers, Engineers, Spiritual Geeks, Visionaries, Techno Mystics and the Undefined Interested.

We're showcasing the latest projects, thinkers, and doers in the burgeoning Transformative Technology space.

Consciousness Hacking London is part of the larger Consciousness Hacking Global Network. We explore the emerging field where Spirituality, Science and Technology meet to possibly create transformative technology.

The Meetup wants to bring people together to explore how to combine the insights in spiritual practices with technology to deepen self-understanding, free up perception, and foster well-being for people and culture.

We hack into: Transformative Technology - Sexuality - Neuroscience - Brain, Gut & Heart - Meditation - Self-Tracking - Psychology - Non-Duality - Cognitive Technology - Quantum Science - Wearables - And much more.