August 2015: Steve Smith - The Death Of Continuous Integration

London Continuous Delivery
London Continuous Delivery
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** Date Changed to Monday 24th August**

Note: the event room capacity is 50, from previous events we anticipate some people will drop out on the day itself

As delivery teams mature and adopt Continuous Delivery they will explicitly discard practices that have become more costly over time. However, many teams today are implicitly discarding Continuous Integration, due to ever-easier Feature Branching and an under-appreciation of Trunk Based Development. What are the consequences of this Continuous Isolation trend for agile development and Continuous Delivery?

In this talk Steve Smith will describe how ever-better Feature Branching tooling has harmed Continuous Integration, compare the cost vs. value of Feature Branching and Trunk Based Development, and explain why Continuous Delivery without Continuous Integration is asking for trouble.

Steve Smith is an Agile consultant and Continuous Delivery specialist at Always Agile Consulting Ltd. An XP / Lean developer with 10+ years of experience in enterprise software development in Britain and New Zealand, Steve favours practices such as Pair Programming and Test-Driven Development to build quality into software products. As an early adopter of Continuous Delivery he has overseen transformation programmes in multiple organisations to reduce lead times and increase product revenues. // Steve is a co-author of the Continuous Delivery and DevOps book “Build Quality In“, a co-organiser of London Continuous Delivery meetups and the annual PIPELINE conference, and a regular speaker at conferences such as Agile On The Beach and QCon New York.