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June 2017: Open Space discussions on Continuous Delivery

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Matthew S. and AlexYates


Open Space discussions on Continuous Delivery

We will have several discussions on topics relating to Continuous Delivery using the Open Space format - see for a nice overview of the Open Space format.

Here are some suggestions for topics for the night to help shape the "feel" of the meetup. We can use all, some, or none of these on the night depending on what the attendees vote for!

• Continuous Delivery for legacy/heritage systems

• How practically to provide traceability for audit and compliance as part of Continuous Delivery

• So you want to be a speaker at a tech conference/meetup? Tips, tricks and advice.

• Things I don't like about Continuous Delivery (aka. "What Dave and Jez [maybe] got wrong")

We'll also take suggestions from the #londoncd ( hashtag on Twitter. Tweet us your ideas for discussions!
Endava, 125 Old Broad Street
EC2N 1AR · London
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