May 2020 Meetup

London Continuous Delivery
London Continuous Delivery
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Join us for an evening of great discussions & talks.

Zoom link will be shared soon.

Plan for the evening:

• Welcome/Impromptu Networking / Find key topics for Open Space
• Talk 1
• Short break
• Talk 2
• Open Space
• Retro

Talk 1: Continuous Retrospectives by Linda Rising

Just like a married couple who has been together for a long time, agile
teams can grow a little careless in doing retrospectives. Some of the rationale for the practice might have slipped away or the insights might seem less compelling or, in many cases, a lot of focus on problems causes teams to lose sight of the big picture. Learning might have stalled.

In this presentation, Linda Rising will share her thoughts and
experience on the changing role of retrospectives, especially for more experienced teams who might even been moving toward continuous delivery. Linda will try to bring in some research from cognitive neuroscience to help busy teams be more productive.

Talk 2: Human Aspects of Dev/Ops Convergence by Gavin Campbell

We've heard a great deal about the need to "bridge the Dev/Ops divide" and work in a collaborative manner. This has produced a vast range of tools we can use to construct our bridge, but what about the people who form the pillars at either end of the bridge in the development and operations teams?

This talk will discuss how we got to where we are, the impact of tools and technologies, and attempt to address some of the human challenges created by our evolving working practices.

Gavin is a recovering database developer interested in continuous delivery, functional programming, and cricket.