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Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda has drastically simplified the task of building reactive systems - drop a file into S3 and a Lambda function would be triggered to process it, push an event into a Kinesis stream and magically it'll be processed by a Lambda function in real-time, you can even use Lambda to automate the process of auditing and securing your AWS account by automatically reacting to rule violations to your security policy.

Join us in this talk to see some architectural design patterns that have emerged with AWS Lambda, and learn how to pick the right event source based on the tradeoffs you want. Amongst the many patterns we'll explore, here are a few to whet your appetite : pub-sub, cron, push-pull, saga and decoupled invocation.

18:15 Arrive / Networking
18:30 Community announcement
18:35 Talk by Yan Cui
19:10 QA
19:15 Refreshments (Pizza, Beer/wine) and Networking
20:15 Finish

About the Speaker:
Yan is a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally, and he is also the author of [AWS Lambda in Motion]( and a co-author of [F# Deep Dives]( In his spare time he keeps an active blog at []( where he shares his thoughts on topics such as AWS, serverless, functional programming and chaos engineering.

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