London DevOps #46

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210 people went

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London DevOps returns after the summer break. For our September meetup we are hosted by Funding Circle at their offices in the city. Here is the draft schedule (subject to change):

6:30pm - Arrival

6:45pm - Introductions

7:00pm - A Modern Multi-dimensional Scaling Story - Panos Stravopodis

With the rise of workload orchestrators (eg. Kubernetes and Mesos), traditional scaling strategies tend to be ineffective: They cost us money, time and sometimes customer satisfaction. We all have distributed applications, pub/sub systems, turning monoliths to micro-services and try to be cloud-native. But is this enough? In this talk, we will take a deep dive in the strategies used at Funding Circle, technologies that help define and leverage relevant metrics, and talk about the future of workload orchestration.
Panos Stravopodis is a Principal Platform Engineer at Funding Circle.

7:30pm - Best Practice Application Delivery in a Cloud Native World - Lewis Marshall

From infrastructure to CloudNative, the benefits of reducing the complexity for developers. As the app delivery landscape changes what are the new challenges for an organisation?
Lewis is an SRE and Tech Evangelist ( He has 28 years of software and infrastructure experience from x86 Assembly and DIP switches to Golang and Kubernetes. Also a space geek with a OneWheel.

8:00pm - From Zero to Hero: Open Source Engineering - David Jeche

The Open source methodology is something that seems not to make sense to many people. If you are in our circle it does. If you are outside it does not. In this talk, we explore business and technology, where they meet and how they succeed together. The fundamental question of this talk being, to make money or not to make money ? I believe we in this time, as heroes are in a position to fundamentally change the world as we know it.

8:30pm - Close and pub

Please get in touch with Marc, Matt or Jack if you'd like to speak at this meetup or a future one :)