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Deviant Robot Massive Wednesday Monthly
Another one of our great meetups at the Star of Kings near Kings Cross. This is the best place to start if you are new to our group! Please feel free to arrive early, as we often have people at the venue from 18:00. We bring out the games at 20.10, using the time before this to chat and get to know each other. We play some simple 'drop-in' games before 8.10pm like Cards Against Humanity, Dixit, and Superfight, as these games are much easier for new arrivals to join while the evening gets started. We would love for everyone to socialize throughout the evening, so the main aim of these early games is to get to know the other people around the table! Our monthly Meetup schedule is: 19.30: official start and pre-introduction speech 20.00: introduction speech 20.10: we work out what we're playing and each game finds a space to play. Then the games begin!! 22.00: end of meetup game of Werewolves 23.00: official end of Meetup, thanks for coming speech Don't worry if you've never heard of our games before or if you're a bit nervous about coming along. We have team members on hand to welcome you into the group and explain the games as we go along. We're really looking forward to seeing you at one of our meetups soon! *** We are a friendly and diverse bunch of people welcoming of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientation. New nerds welcome, if you don't know your 'Star Trek' from your 'Star Wars' don't worry. Come along have a great evening with some of the nicest people in London. We will be playing lots of card and board games, and we welcome you to bring games you think might be fun. If you have never played tabletop games before don't worry we are happy to get you started. If tabletop gaming isn't your thing there are always lots of fun conversations going on so say hello.

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A social group is for anyone in the London area interested in video games, movies, comic books and general geek culture.

Our events are free, friendly and open to everyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, religious views or feelings about Jar Jar Binks being a good character ( Mildly nerdy Star Wars reference for you there); you don't have to bring anything and new nerds are very welcome if you don't know your Star Trek from your Star Wars fear not.

We arrange social meet-ups, movie meet-ups, adventures, outings and gaming sessions – so come along and say hello and be part of something awesome!


Although unlisted, we run a public session at the Star of Kings, London every Saturday. The event is free to everyone; no need to RSVP so feel free to head along at 14:00 and join a relaxed gaming session and meet some fellow deviants.


We host a friendly Discord server for all our members to keep the conversation going event after our events. You can check it out right here: - (

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