Eclipse Converge: blending LocationTech, IoT & Science

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Join us for an evening of collaboration, exchanging ideas and being inspired. Eclipse Converge is an event focussed on the collaborative working groups within the Eclipse open source community:

• LocationTech (

• IoT (

• Science (

We will have a networking break in the middle of the evening, as well as food and beverages for those attending.


18.00 - Socializing

18.30 - Welcome Tracy Miranda, Kichwa Coders

• Introduction to Geovation Luke Hampson/Alex Wrottesley, Geovation Hub

• GeoGig: A Git-Like Approach To Geospatial, Joe Allnut, Ordnance Survey

This talk looks at how you can manage distributed geospatial datasets using GeoGig, an open source tool that draws inspiration from the Git version control system.

• Data Analysis and Visualisations with DawnSci, Jacob Filik, Diamond Light Source

How scientists at the UK's synchrotron use the open source DawnSci components to build complex tools for the analysis and visualisation of large datasets.

• A Brief Overview of Eclipse IoT: What's There? What's Still Needed?, Boris Adryan, ThingsLearn

Eclipse IoT provides many open source IoT projects such as Paho, an implementation of MQTT. This talk gives an overview of what is available and what is still needed to build IoT solutions using only open source.

19.30 - Break

• Indoor Positioning with Bluetooth Low Energy and Espruino JavaScript,Gordon Williams, Espruino

Featuring a demo of Espruino on a micro:bit listening out for bluetooth low energy beacons, this talk looks at how Javascript can be used to develop indoor positioning applications.

• The Oxford Flood Network, David Simpson, Nominet

An under-the-hood look at the the Oxford Flood Network, a complete end-to-end IoT solution featuring sensors, IoT tools, datastores, data analytics and geo-visualisation tools.

• Open Source and the Price of Butter, Andrea Ross, Eclipse Foundation

Open source insights from the Director of Ecosystems at the Eclipse Foundation

• Wrap up & Quiz, Tracy Miranda, Kichwa Coders

21.00 - Pub

Eclipse Converge has been generously supported by the Geovation Hub.