• July Meetup


    The July meetup will be hosted by Data Practitioners, in their WeWork space at No. 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ Please arrive at 18:30 for pizza, drinks & networking. Talks will start at 19:00. Draft Agenda * Alberto Paro, Consultant and Big Data Expert at DPL will present DPL's Observability platform & how it's built on top of Elasticsearch * Alok Dwivedi, Senior Consultant at Instaclustr will talk about Real world use case of Big Data technologies to build a Data analytics platform, using Cassandra, Kafka and Elasticsearch. If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming event, please contact me on Twitter @YannCluchey or on Slack https://elastic-uk.slack.com/ More details on Alok's talk; Are you interested in exploring a real-world application of some of the most popular open source technologies in Big Data space to solve data management problems through data analytics? In this meet-up, we will start with a base level introduction of following big data technologies - Cassandra - A linearly scalable, low latency, highly available, distributed database - Kafka - A linearly scalable, highly available messaging and stream processing system - Elasticsearch - A highly scalable, highly available, distributed search and analytics engine Then we will explore a real-world solution that utilises all these technologies in its architecture to build a bespoke data analytics platform to solve data management problems faced by most of the Enterprise organisations today. We will dig into the architecture of this solution and how it managed to solve its technical challenges by combining these technologies in its stack when dealing with extremely large amounts of data.

  • September Meetup - Need venue & speakers

    Needs a location

    This is a placeholder for the September meetup. Date still to be confirmed. If you have a venue and are interested in hosting the event or if you would like to give a talk, please contact me on meetup.com. Agenda tbd.