Ember London July 2016 Meetup

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Timecop: Freeze. Put your hands in the air. Do not move a muscle.
Aaron Chambers (https://twitter.com/grandazz)

This talk will explain the reason why timeshifting (using the likes of Timecop/sinon) in ember acceptance tests is bad and how it messes with Ember.run.later.

Route Actions and Component Actions
Will Raxworthy (https://twitter.com/willrax)

Looking at how ember-composabale-helpers and route-actions can be used to enable more declarative templating and action handling.

Ember Patterns
Barney Carroll (https://twitter.com/barneycarroll)

Some patterns and tools I've developed in my use of Ember: what led me to develop them, why I think they're awesome, why some people are drawn to small functional idioms and others not, and why this means an invested Ember developer should probably not use these patterns.


Come along for in-depth talks and discussion with other developers building ambitious web applications using Ember.js and other great technologies. Refreshments provided by our awesome host and sponsor.

If you'd like to do a lightning talk or show-and-tell, please get in touch with Jamie by Email ([masked]) or Twitter (http://twitter.com/emberlondon).

Refreshments provided by our awesome host.

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