Ember London October 2016 Meetup

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52 people went

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from : Ember -> Elm
Kirill Korolyov (https://twitter.com/dremora)

Learn the basics of Elm programming language from Ember developer's perspective.

Server-light with ember-horizon
Ken Snyder (https://twitter.com/yankeeinlondon)

Firebase and emberfire brought accessible real-time and server-free/lite Ember apps to the community. Horizon now offers a highly scalable Open Source equivalent. With ember-horizon we hope to show how easy getting up and running on an open source real-time database can be.


Come along for in-depth talks and discussion with other developers building ambitious web applications using Ember.js and other great technologies. Refreshments provided by our awesome host and sponsor.

If you'd like to do a lightning talk or show-and-tell, please get in touch with Jamie by Email ([masked]) or Twitter (http://twitter.com/emberlondon).

Refreshments provided by our awesome host.

Kindly sponsored by SapientNitro (http://www.sapient.com/en-gb/sapientnitro.html).

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