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We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals interested in networking, and being trained to be more effective in all aspects of business. Paying attention to spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and practical aspects - leading to personal and leadership breakthroughs and ever greater professional success.
We provide the following types of events:

  1. Training and Education
  2. Networking
  3. Workshops - personal, emotional, spiritual development, Heart Centred Leadership and
  4. Much, much more......

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Sunil Bhaskaran

More information on Sunil
WEBSITE: https://sunilbhaskaran.com/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilbhaskaranspeaker/
ALIGNABLE free to join:  https://www.alignable.com/san-jose-ca/global-business-marketing-networking

Please join our Global Small Business School, where you can learn to network effectively in the USA.
We will be adding other courses soon at this link above; Time management, productivity for entrepreneurs, doing effective and compelling
sales presentations, marketing strategy and much more.  Please go to the link above and join the email list at the bottom of the page if you wish to be alerted.

For more groups to join - Startup & Tech, Social Media, Blogging & Content Marketing, Writing, Social Events & Training,
Worldwide groups to join and much much more, go to 

Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
typically get 30-50 attendees (business professionals and owners).
To learn more, please go to https://nationwidenetworking.co/

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