What we're about

This is a group for expats and locals who would like to interact with each other learn more about cultures and practice English and any foreign languages they are learning. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the cultures of other people and obtain a deeper insight into their lives. We will try and get together every week for social events where people can interact and communicate.

You are either new to meetup or have been on meetup for a long time and are tired of how the social activities have deteriorated in the other meetup groups in London.

Click on the link to have a look at some of our past events - Photo Album
Here you can see everyone from different cultures and races meeting and having a great time and this is what we tend to achieve everytime we host!

Here is how we will do things differently -
Ever since Covid has occurred the world has changed ways in how we function and operate.
Meeting people of various cultures has become difficult with various restrictions and with online events people rarely have the opportunity of meeting face to face and this results in not getting the right opportunity to meet in person.
We will always have hosts at all our events. You will always be greeted by someone
at all our events and introduced to others. (Warm & welcoming hosts to help you

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We will minimise no shows by requiring attendees to pay a deposit in advance. No
shows are misleading and not fun for organisers nor for members.
We will not disguise organisation costs in opaque ticket prices, commissions from
bars or inflated set menu prices.

We will instead ask for a small charge of a few pounds to help us manage the group and its activities. (Very Transparent)

We will strive to attract a high quality membership who prefer higher quality
venues and events. We will not be driven by happy hours, free food etc...(as all
of these are eventually balanced out by much higher prices later)

We will constantly request members to help us host events and take a lead on
activities so that we have energy and variety.

Click on the link to our website and have a look at our other cities that we host in -

I very much hope that you will join us and create a vibrant social community
which is close knit and high quality.

Upcoming events (1)

Valentine's Day Social - (All ages) Over 50 expected/DJ/Happy hrs/Hosted

It is February and romance is in the air and everyone is looking to meet new people! So if you are single or just looking to connect with new friends just before Valentine's day then here is your chance!

Come exchange a few phone numbers and plan out something fun to do on Valentine's day with like-minded people.

Let us twist our social a bit with a bit of quick ice breakers. We will start early and have our legendary speed friends connections for the first 60 to 90 minutes. This will mean that you can come completely alone for the event and get connected to 10 to 15 other ladies and gentlemen even before the proper party kicks off.

Please click link to purchase your cheaper advance tickets:
Eventbrite: VDay Saturday Night at Loop Bar

Why should you attend our meetups?
- We have hosted meetups in over 30 cities world over for the last 10 years with over 50 meetups a month where 1000s of social connections, friendships and relationships have been created. We understand our member needs.

- We tend to have space earmarked for our groups so you get a comfortable and safe environment to mix and mingle at our meet-ups. Our meet-ups are well planned and organised.

- You will generally find a good gender balance (though not perfect) at all our events. Gender balance changes by city, weather, season, event type, age group etc but we try our best to achieve that.

- Our meet-ups are formally hosted and so our hosts are able to welcome you and help you with introductions with some of the other attendees and also settle down. You have absolutely no need to be apprehensive, nervous or worried about coming alone.

- We charge a minimal event cost for a couple of reasons. Our host has to be compensated for their time and work. Further safety is our priority. When we sell tickets we get a record of people attending through online payments. It provides for better behavior and accountability. We also believe free events equal no commitment and poor behavior. People RSVP and then don't attend. Our tickets help us improve safety, better estimate numbers, better gender mix and promote more responsible behavior.

- Many Free events also tend to only serve the needs of organisers (and their close friends) who then use them to market their products or services or in some cases give them easy access to members of the opposite gender. We have never really seen organisers of free events do them for altruistic reasons. At most times they tend to have an undisclosed but dubious reason to do them. We don't! We only organise our events to help members and overall cover our costs.

Join us on Saturday, 11th February 2023 from 6.00 pm onwards at the exclusive Loop Bar, where you can meet other single ladies and gents of all ages. You will be able to interact with like minded people of your age group, relax and maybe exchange a few numbers.

Please click link to purchase your cheaper advance tickets:
Eventbrite: VDay Saturday Night at Loop Bar

  • We have our area reserved for Denise/Meetup. Please ask the bar staff for Denise and they will help you find the group.
  • Denise will be at the venue from 6.00pm. She will welcome you warmly at the venue and will also help with introductions.

-We have 17 meetup groups in London with over 180,000 members and we will be inviting members of all ages from most of these groups. You will meet a lot of new people. (Members of other groups who RSVP are included as guests of the organiser in order to give you an idea of expected numbers.)

A great opportunity to network, meet new people, catch up with your friends, and party like no tomorrow enjoying amazing drinks!
You are very welcome to attend alone or with friends, we will be there making introductions, helping break the ice between people, and act as a glue between the group.

We start the night with socialising in our reserved area, so that everybody can relax and feel comfortable and we get to know each other over some background music.

Then the music goes up and it is time for dancing!

The program of the night is as follows:
6:00pm -9 pm Mix and Mingling with background music while enjoying a great selection of amazing drinks.

9 pm onwards - The music goes up and is time for dancing!

  • Event Cost (Tickets)

Please click link to purchase your cheaper advance tickets:
Eventbrite: VDay Saturday Night at Loop Bar

Early Bird tickets are for £10 each
Regular tickets are for £15 each
If you do not purchase your tickets in advance then you can pay £20 cash at the meetup to Denise.