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As a Mother myself, I’m fully aware of the gamut of emotions you experience as an expectant mother. Though your whole world is about to turn upside down, it’s also the most exhilarating and enlightening time of your life. If you are a first time Mother, you’re used to thinking just for yourself and your partner, when suddenly you need to refocus all your love and attention on your newborn. This can bring about a complex mix of emotions: joy, exhaustion, love and fear along with the pressure to become a perfect parent.

If you are a second-time Mum, though you may have greater experience under your belt, other challenges can appear. Tendre Nest would like to equip you with greater confidence, ease and happiness on your journey so that you feel totally prepared for motherhood.

As a result, we have teamed up with a Group of Mummy Experts to support and respond to many of your queries such as: How do I create the perfect bedroom space for my newborn, both aesthetically and practically? What essential products will I need to provide the best start in life for my baby? How do I help my body heal after the birth? How can I manage the overwhelming emotions, care for my mental well-being and avoid post-natal depression? Other concerns are: How do I bond with my new baby? And how do I manage the sleepless nights involved and support my child in getting better rest?

Motherhood is a vast topic so these are just some of the examples our experts will answer. We are planning to organise regular Meet-ups in London to answer specific questions about Motherhood and bring you greater peace of mind and joy on your 'Motherhood' journey, so please join the Group!

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