What we're about

We want to create a community of people to have social workouts every week. The purpose is simple. This city is lonely and people don't connect like they used to. Working out can be lonely and uninspiring. We want to invite you to join our community so that you don't feel like this. It is an opportunity for both you and us to grow and push each other to be healthier and better!

All skill levels are welcome. This group is completely inclusive, regardless of whatever you might be unsure about.

You should join this group if you are new to the city, looking to get healthier, looking to find a fitness activity, need motivation to workout, are looking to meet new people, enjoy social workouts, want to discover something new, want to try a different type of workout, are looking to change their routine, are interested in a fitness tech startup and the list goes on!

Our events will be awesome. We will meet at a fitness class as a group - with each person booking the selected class independently. After catching up a little, we will all attend the class together - motivating and pushing each other. after the class, we will all try and go either to get some food (brunch if its a morning class) or drinks and snacks (if it's an evening class).

First things first however are a couple of do’s and don’ts:

1) Introduce yourself to everybody in the Squad as soon as you get in
Where are you from? What are your goals?

2) Feel free to post images of your workouts, progress pics, questions or anything related to your own fitness journey

3) Help others! If you make an effort to help & support people where you can, you will be helped in return. Not the other way around!

1) NO SPAM - No affiliate links, no self-promoting! Moderators will boot you without warning.

2) DO NOT Be negative and unsupportive. This is a community designed to thrive and create winners. Not a place for Negative Nancy's & Haters. You will be booted!

Let’s get this squad rolling!😎

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