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London is good for many things. Here are three simple things that can make ourselves feel even greater, healthier and happier: Stretching, Walking and International Socializing.

Stretching: Stretching should been done often. Through stretching a specific muscle or tendon or muscle group, it eases the rigid and sour neck, back, waist, calves, and etc. It also helps to alleviate cramps, prevent injury. You will feel relaxed, and notice increased range of motion and muscle control even after one proper Stretch session. I shall not forget to mention the side benefit – mildly weight loss though this moderate exercise and feeling of self improvement. We will do it in the gardens (Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park) in the summer/ autumn season. It is especially suitable for people sitting long hours in front of the computer, flying uncomfortably, repeating use of some muscles or lacking use of others.

Walking: There are many nice walking routes in and around London. Some take about 1.5-2 hours, some others may take 3-5 hours It’s a truly pleasure to walk with the fresh air and the beautiful sceneries. Furthermore, it’s also a wonderful chance to meet and talk with nice and interesting people from London or everywhere else in the world. We may get one or two new friends during the walk, or even start to develop a long term relationship after a long walk. Of cause, Scientific studies have shown that walking, besides its physical benefits (such as reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure), is also beneficial for the mind, improving memory skills, learning ability, concentration and abstract reasoning, as well as reducing stress and lifting spirits.

Both above are milder exercise. Besides their physical benefits, they are also beneficial for the mind. Furthermore, It's a natural and relax way to meet like-minded people through the activities.

International Socializing: we can meet people from everywhere in the world - and choose some to make friends! We can try cuisines from different countries/regions, experience a variety of colourful cultures, and learn several Chinese or Spanish words maybe : )

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Chinese Lunch - Chinese Spring Festival is coming

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Halloween Walk & Pub - Kensington

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Duke of York Square & Saatchi Gallery

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