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LDN Functionals #2 {clojure, elm, f#}


At the moment we have 65 potential Functionals coming. PLEASE let us know if you can't make it. If we have a large percentage turn up we will have a to look for a larger venue for our November 10th Meetup (which admittedly is a good problem to have).

Our second meetup hosted at Functional Works' office.

Check out how the first meetup went here (Timelapse and Recorded Talk). (


• 6:30 to 7:10 = Pizza and Drinks

• 7: 10 = Talks

• With socialising and stretching of legs in between.

• 9:30 = Go home

Very kindly giving talks:

• Quentin Leonetti (@qleonetti ( ): Creative Prototyping in Clojure

20 minutes

• Kris Jenkins (@krisajenkins ( Elm for Real World Websites

20 - 30 minutes

• Yan Cui (@theburningmonk ( F# in the Real World

45 minutes

If you're interested in giving a Talk or Lightning Talk (5 - 10 minutes) at this meetup, drop us a line via Contact (to the left) or Twitter (

Likewise, if you want to give a talk at a future meetup, on any Functional language/topic, we would love to hear from you (

We will write up our own code of conduct, but to get an idea see London Django's (

Hackney Road, Shoreditch · London, E2 7PR
5 spots left