LDN Functionals #12 @ Pusher EC2A 4RP {Ocaml, F# , FP}


We are back!

Our twelfth Meetup, will be on the 20th June at Pusher's office space in Shoreditch.

28 Scrutton St,

London EC2A 4RP

Kindly Speaking:

- Yan Cui - 7 ineffective coding habits many FP programmers don't have {F#/FP}

- Rizo Isrof - The Realtime Guild {Ocaml}

- Kris Jenkins

Talks will follow a similar pattern to normal with 25 mins for the speakers and 5 mins of questioning. After the talks, there will be Pizzas and drinks and lots of socialising to do.

The space is big, so it is able to hold 70 people. Depending on demand we may open up more space.

If you register and then can't make it, please let us know so your place can go to someone else on the waiting list.


• 6:30 - ARRIVE

• 6:45 - TALKS START


The event is kindly sponsored by

- Pusher is a developer tools company. Over 150K developers worldwide use their APIs for in-app notifications, activity streams, chat, real-time dashboards, collaborative apps and much more.

- Functional Works (https://jobs.functionalworks.com/), the world's best platform to find your perfect role using Functional Programming. Built using Clojure and ClojureScript, the Functional Works platform gives you your own personal job board to save and apply for roles using Clojure, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir and F# all over the world.

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