What we're about

This group is for people who are interested in the future and maybe want to help shape it.

The acceleration of technology means that the near future may bring radical changes to all of us. Major developments in technologies like anti-aging, nanotech, genetics, computing, robotics, and geo-engineering are going to make the next few years very exciting - and possibly also very dangerous. We could gain god-like powers - but we might also lose sight of our humanity, and destroy everything that we used to hold dear.

What's your view? Are things improving? Too slowly or too quickly? Are we are entering a new golden age? Or is the potential "Technological Singularity" something to fear? What does it mean to talk about "Human 2.0" and "Humanity+"? Or perhaps you view such talk as techno-hype? Maybe you just like the practical side of technology and want to find out more about possible paradigm shifts?

Anybody is welcome to this group - you don't have to be a Techno Geek or work for some futuristic company to be in our group. The future applies to us all!

Come join in the debate - have your opinions voiced and maybe make some interesting new friends.

All we ask is that members treat each other with the respect they would want for themselves. Our group has members of many ages and backrounds. We have many different perspectives on what the future may bring and like to share different ideas with each other. We approach the future with a open mind and sense of humility. Our group mission is to introduce you to some of the ideas, advancements and people who are making our future happen today.

If you have a subject you would like us to discuss at a meetup just drop us a line.

Note: Videos of some of the previous meetings are available on our YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/LondonFuturists/ (http://www.youtube.com/user/LondonFuturists#p/p) and here: (Older Archive) (http://www.youtube.com/user/KoanPhilosopher#p/p).

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Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex & Death

Online event

What if we could have babies without having to bear children, eat meat without killing animals, have the perfect sexual relationship without compromise, or choose the time of our painless death? These words introduce the fascinating new book by Jenny Kleeman, "Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex & Death" https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sex-Robots-Vegan-Meat-Adventures/dp/1509894888/ Jenny is a journalist and documentary-maker who has travelled the world finding extraordinary characters to turn into film, print and audio. She writes for the Guardian, The Times, the Sunday Times and Tortoise. She has reported for BBC One's Panorama, Channel 4's Dispatches and VICE News Tonight on HBO, as well as making 13 films from across the globe for Channel 4's Unreported World. She is the host of the Immaculate Deception podcast, and the Breakfast show on Times Radio. Sex Robots & Vegan Meat is her first book. See https://www.jennykleeman.com/ ===== To register for this event, visit Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1zoEmdl5TPC7j5fNpRsaCw ===== This 90 minute London Futurists live webinar features Jenny Kleeman in discussion with: *) Rohit Talwar, global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Fast Future. See https://fastfuture.com/team/rohit-talwar/ *) Gemma Milne, Science & Technology Writer, Author of "Smoke & Mirrors", and Co-Host of Science: Disrupt. See https://www.gemmamilne.co.uk/ The webinar will be moderated by David Wood, Chair of London Futurists. Attendees will be welcome to raise questions and vote to prioritise questions raised by others. The webinar will start at 6pm UK time (BST) on Monday 13th July. To find the start time in other timezones, use https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200713T170000&p1=136 You are advised to log into Zoom up to 10 minutes ahead of time, so you won't miss the start of the live broadcast. There is no charge to register or to attend this webinar. ===== Selected advance praise for "Sex Robots & Vegan Meat": "A fascinating examination of what the future holds, and of what it means to be human. Jenny Kleeman writes with wit and a wealth of knowledge that ensures you will never look at a chicken nugget in quite the same way again." - Elizabeth Day, author of "How to Fail" and "The Party" "By turns alarming, funny, thought-provoking and fascinating, this is a book that brilliantly shows us where much of our life (and death) is heading." - Stig Abell, editor of The Times Literary Supplement "This eye-opening debut is a compelling investigation into the implications of the cutting-edge technologies that aim to deliver the perfect partner, the perfect gestation, the perfect meat and the perfect death. The sceptical Kleeman makes a witty and tenacious guide as she probes unsettling visions of our human future." - Caroline Sanderson, Editors Choice, The Bookseller ===== To register for this event, visit Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1zoEmdl5TPC7j5fNpRsaCw ===== A mirror of this announcement can be found on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/events/1737583786408651/

The troubled future of startups and innovation

Online event

Despite years of hype about startups and the technologies they have tried to commercialize, today's startup Unicorns compare poorly to ones founded before 2000 such as Amazon and Google. They are taking longer to become profitable, and their share price changes lag the Nasdaq. Smartphone apps may be cheap to commercialize but they don't provide the productivity benefits that semiconductors and networking equipment once did. Startups in other technology sectors are experiencing troubled times too. What are the reasons for this slowdown in productivity improvements and the poor performance of startups? Is this a sign that breakthrough technologies aren't available? Are major changes needed in the management of innovation? ====== To register for this event, visit https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pl8jk9ILQtG1B--GC6K-OA ====== This 90 minute London Futurists live Zoom webinar features Professor Jeffrey Funk, a consultant in the economics of technology and associated business models. Jeffrey is based in Singapore, where he taught at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Previously he taught in Japan at the University of Kobe and the University of Hitosubashi. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jeffrey-funk-a979435/ Jeffrey's career has focused on how new technologies emerge and diffuse. During the late 1990s he was one of the first to recognize the potential for smart phones in Japan. He was recommending to mobile service providers that they should focus on apps long before the iPhone was released in 2007. After he moved to NUS, he taught a unique course on the economics of new technologies that can be found on his slideshare account Funk98. The course and the supporting research present a methodology that could have helped entrepreneurs and investors avoid many of the loss-making businesses that currently comprise today’s startup bubble. For instance, it identified the challenges for ride sharing, electric vehicles, and driverless vehicles. It also proposed alternative designs for them, that are still relevant today. His research has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and the Walter Bradley Center for Artificial and Natural Intelligence. He hs been recently quoted in the Nikkei Asian Review and Financial Times. He is currently completing a book entitled "The Superficial Entrepreneur: Falling science, Declining tech, Rising hype and Misleading Narratives." ====== Optional reading ahead of the webinar: *) "What’s Behind Technological Hype" - https://issues.org/behind-technological-hype/ *) "Where have all the profitable startups gone" - https://mindmatters.ai/2020/05/where-have-all-the-profitable-startups-gone/ ====== The webinar will start broadcasting at 2pm UK time on Saturday 18th July. To find this time in other timezones, you can use this calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200718T130000&p1=136 You are advised to log into Zoom up to 10 minutes ahead of the publicised start time of the event, so you won't miss the start of the live broadcast. As the discussion proceeds, attendees will be welcome to raise questions and vote to prioritise questions raised by others. ====== To register for this event, visit https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pl8jk9ILQtG1B--GC6K-OA A small fee (UKP £2.50) is being charged to register for this event, in order to help offset the costs incurred by London Futurists with the Zoom and Meetup software. ====== For a mirror of this announcement on Facebook, see https://www.facebook.com/events/1804565006352468/

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Politics for greater liberty: transhumanist perspectives

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