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Webinar: Better Politics Via Exponential Technology & Digital Transformation?

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Many fields of life have been positively transformed by application of technological innovations. What prevents politics from benefiting in a similar way from "politech" (technology for a better politics)? Can technology help us move from present-day "Politics 1.0" to a "Politics 2.0" that is more collaborative and more constructive? Or might accelerating technology precipitate instead a decline towards a poorer, more divisive form of politics?

GlobalNet21 ( are hosting a webinar on this topic on Tuesday 23rd May. The lead speaker in the webinar will be David Wood, Chair of London Futurists ( and Executive Director of the technoprogressive think-tank Transpolitica ( The webinar will be chaired by Francis Sealey ( of GlobalNet21.

The future of politics will increasingly feature debates over how best to steer technology. This webinar aims to provide foresight into these emerging debates.

Specifically, the webinar will look at two overlapping topics:

• The possibility for near-future technologies to help save present-day politics from the increasingly bitter pressures it faces;

• The need for present-day politicians to pay closer attention to the capabilities of near-future technologies before these accelerating capabilities generate even tougher social problems.

The speaker will explain his view that a technoprogressive stance can enable a fruitful cooperation between many different strands of politics.

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