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Hangout On Air: Technological Resurrection

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Hangout On Air: Technological Resurrection


Like it or not, humans are becoming as gods. Where will this trend lead?

How about the ability to bring back to life people who died years, decades, or centuries ago, and whose bodies have long since disintegrated?

That’s the concept of “Technological Resurrection” which features in the recent book of the same name by Jonathan A. Jones.

In this London Futurists online video conference, the book's author will be joined by a number of other panellists to explore:
*) How credible is this concept?
*) What are the possible implications (both positive and negative)?

For more details about the book, see

== Panellists ==

Jonathan Jones is the author of "Technological Resurrection". A science fiction writer and futurist, Jonathan is based in Dallas, Texas. One of Jonathan's previous books, "Gods of the Singularity", was described as follows by a reviewer: "How would I describe this book? It's got it all. Like Mad Max meets Elysium meets Bladerunner. Emerging technologies relevant in futurism + transhumanism. Elements that will entice conspiracy theorists. Mixed realities - "base reality" and VR. Humanoid robots. I can't wait to see the movie one day."

Giulio Prisco is from Naples, Italy, but now lives in Budapest, Hungary. A board member of the IEET and a former board member of Humanity+, Giulio manages the Turing Church,, whose website declares: "Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology - Turing Church is a new cosmic, transhumanist religion".

Katie Schultz (Miss Metaverse),, is a futurist consultant, content creator, and internet personality based in New York City. She is formerly of Humai, a startup focused on developing emerging technologies for the future goal of merging man with machine, and BodAI, her personal startup venture that developed AI personalities accessible in VR and humanoid robot bodies. Futurista® is her forward-thinking consulting and digital marketing business, working with world-class speakers, futurists, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Alexey Turchin,, creates roadmaps on life extension and the prevention of existential risk. He is based in Moscow, Russia. Since 2010, he has worked at the Science for Longer Life Foundation. In 2012 he was a co-founder of the Longevity Party, in Russia - which can be seen as the world's first transhumanist political party.

The discussion will be moderated by David Wood, the Chair of London Futurists. See

== Logistics ==

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube:

There is no physical location for this event. You can watch it wherever you happen to be!

The start time is 6pm UK time on Sunday 21st January. To find that time in another timezone, see

The conference will be recorded and will be available for subsequent viewing on

People who watch the event live will be able to raise comments and questions via the "Live chat" feature of YouTube. Panellists will be responding to the Live chat in the course of the video discussion.
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