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"A better politics awaits us, beckoning us forward. It’s up to us – all of us – whether we recognise that call and take the required actions. Key to these actions will be to harness technology more wisely and more profoundly than before."

These words come from close to the beginning of the new book by chair of London Futurists, David Wood: "Transcending Politics - A Technoprogressive Roadmap to a Comprehensively Better Future".

In this event at London's Newspeak House, David Wood will be sharing some of the key analysis from his book, and inviting the audience to advance the creation of the better politics which technology can enable. Topics that will be covered include:

*) A integrative vision of sustainable abundance for everyone - and the technologies needed to achieve that outcome

*) Why technological change is presently making politics worse rather than better

*) Ten legitimate causes of the fear and unrest that are destabilising society - and suggested technoprogressive responses to these issues

*) The key role of the philosophy of transhumanism in accelerating the transformations needed for humanity to navigate through the existential landmines lurking in the near-future

*) The fundamental importance of "super democracy" alongside the three traditional "supers" of transhumanist thought: super longevity, super intelligence, and super wellbeing

*) The technological changes that can enable better humans and better politics to co-evolve over the next 10-20 years

*) The opportunity to transcend the present-day divisiveness of right-wing vs. left-wing politics

*) A roadmap of practical next steps.

== Logistics ==

The event will take place at Newspeak House,[masked] Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London E2 7DG. See

Please arrive at 7pm, to be ready for the presentation to start at 7.15pm. Including time for Q&A, the event will wind up at 9pm.

There is no charge to attend, but advance registration is necessary, since space is limited.

Sorry, no refreshments will be served at the venue - but feel free to bring your own with you!

== Opportunity ==

People who attend this event will have the opportunity to purchase a physical copy of "Transcending Politics" for £10 (cash) - reduced from the standard cost on Amazon of £12.

People who would like to start reading the book ahead of the event can obtain it from (paperback) or (Kindle ebook).

For more information about the book, see

== About the speaker ==